Is walking excersise?


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My sister and her boyfriend always have this argument. He seems to think that walking doesn't count as excersise. He says you're not actually burning calories. But my sister always says 'yah you do, so and so said so'

So which is right then? I personally think you do burn calories from walking. Sure slower, but some people can't run. Walking definitely helps.


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I think that it is exercise. I mean you are out exercising your whole body and it is good for your health. I should start getting my lazy ass off the couch and start exercising.


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You have to do enough walking for it to count. Walking to the mailbox is not exercise. But I think, in my case, walking a couple miles everyday to and from class and to random stores and whatnot, would count.

Also I think it's important to feel a little bit tired at least for something to be called exercise.


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Walking helps for certain people, I myself dont consider it to be exercise, I just go for a run or something like that.


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If someone has knee problems or something that prevents them from doing more intense exercises like running, then walking is all they can do. :-/ But I agree that some people are at that physical level where they can walk all day and it still wouldn't be a workout.
If you're an amateur then yeah, I think it really does count. I suppose it depends on what definition of exercise we're talking about, but walking falls under a lot. Example:

the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit.

Any physical activity is good exercise. I walk a lot, it's just about the only exercise I do since I quit gym months ago. I can walk for hours each day and enjoy it, whereas running I absolutely hate and can't get motivated for at all. So walking definitely counts for me.


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Most definitely, it's not the best excersise out there but it's a start for some people. Like Oxy mentioned if you do it for a long distance then you'll definitely burn some calories not as much as you would if you were running, but some people can't run so they walk instead.


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Yes, it's one of the cardio exercises. Walking briskly is better though (short of running, lol). I don't think a stroll walk would give much benefit.


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Walking is often argued to be scientifically healthier than running as running tires your whole body out and can decrease further motivation to work out while a long, brisk walk can wake your body up and speed up metabolism.


Walking is def an exercise. it's recommended you walk at least 30 minutes a day, every day to burn calories. the more you walk, the more you burn. it is healthier than running sometimes (as mentioned). walking helps the functioning of lungs and heart-bit rate.
One of the reasons women develop Osteoporosis(bone loss) is when they haven't walked enough in their lives, everyday.

i adore walking. i can walk for hours and hours.