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Is Tucker sittin on tha toilet?


Registered Member
And eating too?!??!!?!?!!!!!!??!


Sally Twit
I'm going with no. You are clearly outside which makes that a seat and not a toilet.


I'm serious
You know you're a redneck when...

... you have an outdoor toilet!


Registered Member
But not just rednecks!

Few things make a person realize that their bodies are simply those of animals like shittin' outdoors does. It's not meant in a derogatory way, but simply as an observation leading to enlightenment. The most peaceful WC/bathroom you'll ever experience will be the one in which the unsullied wildflowers of the adjacent meadow exude a fleeting fragrance to purify the putrid pound-pellets beneath you; where dew-covered pine needles lay supple, welcoming beds for your release; where chipmunks’ chirps ricochet off your exposed cheeks. Forest, you give me nutrition, now take my load.