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Is this your will or someone else's?


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My fiancee Maria just told me that a person can contest a will. So I wanted to make this a post.

Basically a person can go to court and request to get things never written in a will. . For example, they might request photo albums, antique clock, table etc. The court will make a decision on this request.

My question is: Should this be legal to be able to contest a persons will?. . I mean a will is in writing. A will is supposed to be a person last wishes. . Why contest?

Well now let's talk about this really fair. Should writing alone be enough? Should these requests really be allowed? Tell me what you think on this matter. As myself I want to hear what others say first.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Yes people can contest a will, sometimes for good reason, so stopping it might not be a good idea. Sometimes people write them under duress or the person is suffering from something that leaves them unable to take care of their own affairs or write a will. Maybe they left everything to the housekeeper.


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From where I sit, it is horrible. I can't imagine fighting over the estate. I am not on speaking terms with my older brother and one sister is schizophrenic, but even so we were able to sit down and work it out in person.

When my last parent died, we all went to the house, drew cards and that person picked first and we went around until we were all tired of doing it. For us, it was mostly things my parents made; paintings my mother did and woodwork my father made.


In the above photo you can see the stereo cabinet he built in 1960. On top is the bust of Buddha that my mother bought in Europe. It is my brother's but he let it in my house. On the wall is a giant painting she bought when we lived in London, and next to it where you can't see are paintings she made.

Everything else we split evenly. My older sister got the car but deducted the price from the money share of hers.

The 16' sailboat he built with my brother in law, the brother in law got - seemed right.

It wasn't a very large estate, just the house and a little money split between 5.

The stereo cabinet was my first choice and everybody said I was nuts for picking it first, since nobody else really wanted it. It was what I wanted most. We still play vinyl but it has Sirius radio and iPod ports now too.


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Personally, I would never contest a will, as unfair as it may seem for me or anyone else. For instance, my parents have already told my brothers and I that in their will, they're not leaving us any money. My dad paid my and my brothers school tuition and that was pretty much what we have inherited. That way, we won't be surprised when the reading of the will comes.


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Well Maria my to be wife has a sister that stole the will. When their father had gotten Alzheimer her sister and husband tricked her father in signing a new will to replace the old one with a new lawyer. .

Well of course this was a secret no one knew until their father died. . Now no one wants to talk to her anymore. After all she also told the cemetery she was an only child. Maria and her brother paid her back . They reported her to SSI that she was married and her husband was making too much money . They did an investigation and they got fined tons of money.

Only bad thing is that we never get to see our little SP. It stands for sweetie pants. Now she is in high school. Maybe when she's eighteen we can find her. It just won't be the same . We wanted to know her when she was little. Missing all those years of growing up. . She might even not like me. Those child names we used to call her won't appeal to her any longer. . I don't know what to say to our little SP. Yes we still call her little SP.