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Is This Just The Beginnning?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Lots of jobs have been taken over by robots already and the trend will continue. Some companies have replaced most of their workforce with robots. In Japan, I think, they have a restaurant ran entirely by robots. They also plan on using robots to take care of their elderly in the near future. Farms are starting to use them also. The day will come soon very few farm workers will be needed.

Am I afraid of them, only in the sense what jobs are people going to do. Some countries are talking about giving people a basic income because of it. I hope people are smart enough not to give them too much free will.

7 companies that are replacing human jobs with robots

Shropshire farm completes harvest with nothing but robots

Robots and Job Losses Could Make Universal Income a Reality


Registered Member
Automation has been taking over jobs for decades.

If a robot can do your job, you might consider school or other training to a do a job that requires more.