Is this Fraud?

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by lilys_things, May 22, 2005.

  1. lilys_things

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    There is a seller that has a "money bag" up for sell, she said she found it in a cemetary..

    I remember her name from past auctions , so I went and looked, she was selling a wallet with money and some sandwhich bags with money.
    All the pictures had $100.00 bills in them.
    I looked at all the numbers on the bills, they each match every $100.00 bill on every one of her auctions.
    No feedback was left by any of the buyers. But all the auctions sold..
    Any ideas?

  2. Nanner

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    Personally I think if you find an auction that you think is fraud then you report it to eBay and let them check it out. Then again that is a tough one cuz we complain when they pull ours (well all of you cuz I'm not selling anything :D) but if it walks like a duck..............
  3. lilys_things

    lilys_things Registered Member

    I think I am gonna lie low , turning anyone else in, the two most important ones I turned in, one is gone and the other I will be talking to ebay on the phone on Monday. I want them to "hear" what I have to say about this problem.. *shill billing .. threats..etc..

    I emailed her this Question.. this was her reply..

    You asked:
    "Did all your other auctions sell with the cash?"

    The mystery cash ones sold. I had some that was not cash and they also sold,Thanks for stopping by

    I emailed her back this:

    If they sold.. why do all the numbers on the $100.00 bills match in all your auctions?
    No reply yet..

    I have never had a auction pulled, but.. I have normal auctions..*LMAO*

    Still no reply from this seller.. *hmm*

    The seller ended her auction early.
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