Is this anime???


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I saw this last night and was wondering if this was anime
If it there more like this
If its there any like this

side note: i looked up anime and it says that it is just the Japanese word for animation so i am wondering if that means that all cartoons are anime?

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YouTube - Boondocks


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Although "anime" is a Japanese term for animation, outside of Japan it's mostly referring to "animation that originated in Japan". (Although in France we call anime, manga...go figure. :lol:) Anyway, this Boondocks is from the US, therefore not anime.


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No that would not be constituted as anime by the standard use of the word today. Anime is used more so to describe Japanese Cartoons in general. Some that you would know of or at least heard of would be Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Speed Racer (The original. Not that remade junk), Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon. Anime generally represents an art style when used to make the animation itself. Big eyes, very expressive, Crazy hair colors to help distinguish characters. Now that's not to say that all anime follows those principles it is a general guidline of sorts. The current style of anime in Japan was actually inspired by Walt Disney's cartoons. There is also a debate as to wether or not shows like Avatar: The Last Air Bender falls under the category of anime. The style is similar but it is an american made medium. Hope that helped Klazik.
Apparently Tarantino must have gone to an anime studio to make that part of the movie. (Explains why I've seen anime that look a lot like it)


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Yeah, love boondocks. You might want to look into afro samurai too, Samuel L. Jackson does voice work in that, just like he does work in boondocks (hes one of the white rich kids, lol).