is this an over reaction?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by icegoat63, Feb 20, 2009.

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    The NY Post ran this cartoon and has caught major flak because of it since. Whats you're opinion on it? They've already issued an apology to the protesters;

    Me personally I see nothing wrong with it. Digs have been taken at other bills that have been signed and they didnt catch near as much flak as this has. In fact I dont even see a direct correlation between Obama and this Cartoon as the protesters are claiming. What I interpreted the cartoon as was "The bill was so idiotic a monkey could have written it". Obama doesnt write these, he's got panels of advisers and scribes that take what he wants and puts them in bill format. All Obama does is sign it.

    To me this just seems like a racial witch hunt put on by people who are looking for a reason to be mad, either that or for a photo op like this:

    [color=dim Grey]AP – New York State Senator Eric Adams
    stands in front of the New York Post building[/color]

  2. Mirage

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    I saw that cartoon a few days ago.

    I thought to myself:

    1. The stimulus bill is pretty retarded.

    2. A violent chimp was recently killed.

    I put 1 and 2 together and guess what? A chimp wrote the stimulus bill and that chip is now dead, so they'll have to find a new one for the next. That's exactly what I thought. I didn't think for a second that the chip implies that Obama IS a chimp.

    I say who cares if it offends people. Honestly, get over it. I wonder how many people who get mad at this are the same people who went to the Will Ferrell Broadway show "Bush's last night in office" (or whatever) and had a good laugh or two.
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  3. AnitaKnapp

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    I think it's over the line, honestly. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was an over the top racial slur.
  4. Sim

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    It would help to know more about the context to interpret the cartoon.

    Maybe it's because I'm not deep enough into American debate, but I have trouble finding a clear message. It *could* mean the cartoonist wants to make the point a rabid monkey could have written the stimulus bill, in which case he'd indeed compare Obama to a monkey. Due to the racist undertones in that, I'd understand protests.

    It could also be mocking policemen: "See, policemen are racist fucks who rant against the good stimulus bill for no good reason, so they'd even compare Obama to a monkey." Or, less extreme: "Policemen are idiots who can't tell politicians from monkeys", in which case it could be an anti-policemen cartoon with reference to political extremism/disregard for the political class.

    I'm sure there are other possible interpretations out there. I'd be interested in further explanations that may help to understand the cartoon.
  5. Jeanie

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    Way over the top racial slur. Even if that wasn't the intent, surely someone must have realized that it would be taken that way by some people.

    I see no correlation between the violent chimp (which by the way is redundant) and the Stimulus Bill whatsoever.
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  6. MAgnum9987

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    I do not see any offensive undertones to this cartoon. I mean, if people are only protesting because they see racial undertones, that means America really isn;t as equal as people put it to be. its like the people complaining over Resident Evil 5 racism: The racism isn't really their. They just want to see racism
  7. Mirage

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  8. ysabel

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    Whether they intended to mock Obama with it by associating him to a chimpanzee or NOT, it was a poor choice by the editors. The image is open to several interpretations, you have to admit. It's weird it hasn't crossed their mind that some people will see this as them referring to Obama to a chimpanzee. Not that there's anything wrong with that. How many times was Bush compared to an ugly monkey? But this is not about disrespecting a figure, it can be seen as a mockery of a race.
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  9. Sim

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    Well ok, it's a reference to an actual chimp. But by suggesting he wrote the stimulus bill (Obama actually was responsible for), the cartoonist makes the connection. The message either is that "the bill is so stupid a chimp could have written it", in which case it would be an attack on Obama. Or it means "policemen are so stupid they believe a chimp could have written the bill", in which case it would be an attack on policemen.

    Considering that chimp/black-comparisons have a long tradition in American racism, and that Obama is black, I do understand this cartoon at least *can* be interpreted as racist.

    The cartoon does not exist in a vacuum. There is a context. And part of this context is that racists in the US often compared black people to monkeys, AND that the President responsible for the referenced bill IS black.

    The cartoonist may not have intended that message, but I think it should be obvious that many people would take it that way.

    If racism was entirely gone today, we could say "so what?", because nobody would take it the wrong way. But despite a black man having been elected President, racism is not past yet, unfortunately. We are not yet colorblind. And as long as that is the case, this cartoon indeed may carry racist undertones, if intended or not.
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  10. Syndicate

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    I personally saw no offence in this image until I read the synopsis.
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