Is this allowed?

I guess this is directed more towards the moderators. There's a place accepting applications until Sep 15 to get paid to review video games (this is not self promotion).
All you do is submit a review of the last game you played. Looks legit. Not selling anything, free entry. If I'm allowed to tell you where I saw it, let me know.
If I shouldn't have posted this in the first place, send me a virtual smack and delete it.


Staff member
I would say probably not due to the fact that it's hard to be sure all of these things are legit. We don't want to have to go through each plug one by one to make sure it's legit and if we did that for one we'd have to do it for all.

If you want to submit this through the contact us form I'll check it out though mostly because I'm interested in what it is. I happen to be a video game fan so you got lucky somewhat there. :D