Is This A Real Paypal eMail?


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yeah it is fake I got 3 from ebay 2 from paypal i sent them all to spoof............nani i was played once no more..................


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I think it's a fake too. I just open my email and got two from paypal but it's not. And the person stupid enough to send the text as a jpg image, so he/she copy all text and send it as jpg. Now I know for sure paypal will not send that type of an email in the form of a jpg image.

It's coming from here:

Study the way the link set up so you won't be fooled.
I don't know if posting the link here is allowed, if not soory mr. forehead guy.


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Hi all. It all depends on if they have been warned before. Yes they can take federal fraud charges out against them and a few other things.
When you report it to eBay they investigate all claims and if they fid the claim to be true they act quite swiftly.
This one thing that eBay will not put up with. They will be getting tougher on the scammers and rip-off artists.
Well that's all folks......................... :warp:


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I was told by Ebay & Paypal to never click on a link that seems to be from them in an email !! They said that they do not do that !! They will always tell you to open a new browser & go to a specific page in their website and enter from there !! By clicking on a spoof email link it gives them access to your account info !! Which is what they want !!