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Question Is there somewhere online for people to offer their skills in exchange for exposure?


Registered Member
Hey guys,

I've been wondering if there's a place online where people can contribute their skills to other people's projects or group projects in exchange for exposure, feedback, and possibly even future royalties.

Aside from building a name for your creativity, it seems like that would be helpful for building a portfolio and making connections as well. Or even just as a fun way to participate in a project with others.

For the introverts out there (guilty as charged), it would be a good way to hone teamwork skills without feeling burned out.

I'm interested in composing music for visual mediums (film, games, sound branding, etc.) and collaborating with others. A hub like that could pair a person like me up with a short film creator with no music budget (who would prefer an event-based soundtrack over using Garageband sound loops). It could also pair up voice actors with Flash animators, novelists with narrators, etc.

Please tell me that someone has created the love child of "deviant art," "kickstarter" and "match.com."

Thanks for any input!