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Is there anyone in your life you don't get along with?


Sally Twit
Is there anyone you have to see on a regular basis because they're family or you work with them?

There is only one person like that in my life as many of you know. My boyfriend.

But in all seriousness it's my manager. He likes to think we get along because he only slags me off behind my back but in all honesty I hate the man.


aka ginger warlock
I would like to think not, it bothers me if I piss off or upset someone. When I lived at home me and my father could barely get through the day without one argument about something but since I have moved out we have more of a friend relationship than a father/son.

It seems to work and we have less arguments. He accepts I am not what he thought I would be and I accept he will also criticize but not mean it in a hurtful way even if it comes out that way.


Registered Member
There are a great many people in my life I don't get along with that I must see daily. Right now, there are a couple I have to see and work with every day. Others that don't know I despise being around them, who I avoid at every turn. I learned long ago though how to work with those I do not like.


Registered Member
Two of my bosses are certainly contenders. I hate them both equally. Bitches.

Another person is my brothers girlfriend. She is 17. Typical little teenage bitch. ( not saying they are all like that, just that most of them round my way are)

Anyway I didn't like her at first, then I grew to hate her even more...and as of 1 hour ago, I'd really like to see someone beat her with a shovel.

My brother had gotten her pregnant. Big mistake, obviously, but he decided to be a man, step up to the plate and do whatever it took to provide this kid with A decent life.

A few weeks ago, she told her parents, they weren't happy at all, said she had better get an abortion or else.

After telling my brother today she was going out shopping, she phones him up (quarter of an hour into his shift at work) to tell him she had had the abortion instead.

I seriously hate her, and want nothing to do with her, however I will still have to see her occasionally as he is still going to stay with her....for now at least, hopefully not after ive told him what I think.
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No Custom Title Exists
My girlfriend's ex boyfriend's best mate. He is an absolute tool, I can't even explain it in words how much hatred I have for him.


Where is my Queen?
I hate my bosses at my job. I am the middle man between our clients and the big wigs. If I fuck up, I get my ass chewed out. Now that's typically a weekly thing. Our clients expect us to perform different tasks, so my job is to perform it the least expensive way possible. Now half the time I have to take money out of the company to pay for certain projects, the clients happy, but my bosses aren't. So when I do it the bosses way, the client hates it, yells at my bosses and my bosses yell at me. There is no win. FML.


I have a lot of hatred for about 70% of the people in my class at the college place I go to. I have to see them almost every day. I hate it there and I hate them. If it wasn't for a couple of people I like, one girl in particular then I would have lost it this year already.


Band Nerd ♫
I don't get along with my sister because she is neither supportive nor accepting of me. Since she's a family member, I kind of have to be around here quite a bit.

To make matters worse it is all blamed on me by my family when it's my sister who is making comments and crossing major lines.

She hasn't lately, thankfully. But, unfortunately, I know who she is deep down now and that's hard to overlook even if nothing much has been said lately. She's just too preoccupied with other things right now, I suppose.


Problematic Shitlord
I don't get along with tops maybe two people at work but it doesn't mean I can't be civil with them. Hell, even the few customers everyone knows to be complete cock punchers, I get along with.


My former best friend Chris who doesn't return ANY of my phone calls or PM's on Facebook or ANY text messages I sent him via my cell phone as he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Not what the hell his problem his but oh well i have a new best friend and his name happens to be Chris and no not the same guy.