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Is There A Wrong Way To Kiss?


Registered Member
When I was young, insecure, unsure of myself and full of all sorts of doubt, I used to wonder about that all the time.

In your opinion, is there a wrong way to kiss someone? Other than the obvious answer of
"Yeah, when you're about to hurl" :D

Personally, and after decades of practice, I don't think there is a wrong way. If you both like each other, you'll both find a way to make it right.

What say you?


Registered Member
Well I have had a few bad kissing experiences! I guess there really isn't a wrong way or a right way to do it, but there are some things each persons likes and dislikes about a kiss. Just make sure you have fresh breath!


Registered Member
A kiss is a kiss is a kiss. The only thing I don't like is an over production of saliva from the guy I'm kissing. I sometimes feel like I've had a bath.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I’ve had my share of kissing in my lifetime (not trying to gloat) and I would say there is. Not everyone is good at it, that’s for sure. The biggest thing is don’t be sloppy in my opinion.


Registered Member
There's seriously no wrong way to kiss. I'm happy to get it any way that I can. I don't think men are as picky in general.