Is The 4th Quarter All That Matters?


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What do you think is the 4th quarter all that matters when it comes to basketball, explain your answer.


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.........yeah basically.

although the third quarter is needed to start a comeback, the fourth is what really seperates the good teams and the bad teams.

I remember the Mavericks kicking butt several seasons ago in the first 3 quarters and then collapsing inthe fourth. It wasn't until recently that I've noticed better finishes that allowed them to put more wins up.

plus I think a sense of urgency finally kicks in when the fourth quarter starts.


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i agree with oxy, but i remember my basketball team were down by as much as 15 but came back in the final minutes of the 4th quarter to win by 5, so 3rd quarter can be set up to come back but 4th quarter is what matters the most so yeah, i dont expect anybody to understand what i just said in the last part


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I say all the quarters are important, yes the fourth one is the most important one especially if you have a lead, but you have to play good all the quarters to win the ball games. But if the game is tied then yes the fourth quarter is where you leave it all on the court.


I definitely think that all of the quarters are important because you can't let up easy in the earlier quarters either because the opposing team could lead the game by 30 points and it would be hard for you to make a comeback but I agree that the fourth quarter is the most important out of all of them. The fourth is the one that ends the game and will finally determine who wins the game. If your team is losing, you'll definitely want them to turn on the heat and make a comeback in the fourth so that you can make a come from behind win.


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The fourth quarter is not all that matters in a basketball game. All quarters are important. You cant only play well in the fourt quarter and expect to win the ball game. You need to get to a good start in the first, then keep working hard for the rest of the ball game. If you don't do that and you only care about the 4th then you'll have a hard time winning basketball games.


the 3rd and 4th quarters are the most important part of the game. if ur on the down side throughout a basketball game; ur only hope for comeback is the 3rd and 4th quarters


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No, you get the same amount of points in every quarter for baskets...
It's the sense of urgency that kicks in and some players turning it up while others get nervous that intensifes the 4th quarter. To me that means poise and experience are way more important in the 4th quarter than any other quarter but all quarters are equally important.


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the 3rd and 4th quarters are the most important part of the game. if ur on the down side throughout a basketball game; ur only hope for comeback is the 3rd and 4th quarters
That means that the first and second quarters are important aswell, because those two quarters you can get ahead. Even if you have the lead in the forth quarter it's not a guaranteed victory, you can still lose the game. If you want to win you got to play equally well in every quarter.


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The 4th quarter isn't the only one that matters, but you can come away with a win sometimes while having that quarter be the only good one. In the NBA, teams come back from 15-20 points down all the time. They may not play great for most of the game, but they'll "hang around." Then they make their run in the late stages of the game.