Is Sonics' Hill About To Be Fired?



Bob Hill's been through this before. Twice.

So he's ready for talk that he may soon get fired as coach of the injury-depleted, last-place SuperSonics.

About an hour before the Sonics hosted the Bulls on Friday night, Hill gave a soliloquy about the realities of being an NBA coach.

"I look at my position very realistically," said Hill, in his ninth season as an NBA coach. "You know, when you get fired, you don't die. You don't die."


Aw, Here It Goes!
Finally hopefully its not to late for them to make a run at the playoffs when they get healthy again. With Rashards return from hand surgury and Luke going back to the starting line up. All they need is a good coach and they be set for a playoff run.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I never thought that Hill was a good coach, he has done nothing since he became the head coach of the Sonics, I never want to see anyone get fired, but this would be the best option for the Sonics. they have so many good players like Allen and Ridnour and Lewis, there's no reason for them being so low in the standings.