Is SNL biased?


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wow - I never thought I would be asking is SNL biased towards McCain. I've just seen several things in the past month concerning them that makes me go huh? SNL said that?
First it was the excellent skit they did on the financial meltdown that placed the blame on Barney Frank and others that deserved blame. The Palin skits have been very funny and rather softball with dealing with criticism of her. Then they had Palin on the show with 2 good skits. I just read today that tomorrow nights show will have a savage skit of Kieth Olberman and John McCain will be on the show.
Michael Calderone's Blog: Olbermann crashes SNL set -

I rarely watch SNL, but I know its heavily in the American culture. Just wondering - a month ago I would have thought SNL would be tearing into McCain on the Saturday before the election.
Um.. they're biased.. because they make fun of the curious things the McCain campaign is doing? ..Just.. look, they're saying things that never would've been acceptable in the general media- narratives.. Question: don't you want to live in a country that can have a real criticism of how your political figures conduct themselves? That could be useful, you know. So that it's possible to have a debate about how the country is governed?

I mean - if I voted in the US election, I would probably vote for Obama. But I'm not at all happy about how Obama is getting a free pass on just about any of his policy- suggestions. That's something that, in a real democracy, would be considered very bad. Because it means electing someone to the highest office with no mandate, and no particular platform.

But that's what you're choosing, I guess. For the republicans to stay on the side and wish really hard for mystical policies to change the nation, and the democrats doing the same. Either candidate outcompeting each other on appealing to an undefinable quality of "we're not Bush, and we're going to get things going". Strange thing.


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It may seem biased sometimes but the fact they invite on the people they make fun of all the time, shows that they just want to have some good spirited fun.

Madtv is funnier though.
What they're showing is that you can only have incisive political commentary of current political events by using comedy. I.e, Steven Colbert at the annual Washington establishment pat on the back party. As many said at the time, comedy is being used in a way that you start to think of cabarets in Germany around 1930. Not that I'm saying the US is Germany in 1930, but the public debate is about as narrow.

For example - lately, since the political winds are changing, the "anonymous senior staffers" are being allowed to crack jokes about the republican administrations on deep background in the papers. While before, that was a privilege reserved for the republicans.

Something to think about, no?


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Of course SNL is biased. Most comedy writers, actors, and people work in the entertainment industry are liberal.
Doesn't matter. The whole point of satire is to mock the ruling party. Guess who's been in power for the past eight years. They mock plenty of liberals too. How do you think their Hillary impersonator pays the bills?


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Doesn't matter. The whole point of satire is to mock the ruling party. Guess who's been in power for the past eight years. They mock plenty of liberals too. How do you think their Hillary impersonator pays the bills?
I don't know about the current staff, but I did see an interview with Chevy Chase where he admitted that he tore into Ford so much because he hated him and didn't want him re-elected. Personally I think Tina Fey just made fun of Sarah Palin so much because they looked so similar, honestly. And it made for some good comedy, which I'm all for. The skit that McCain and his wife were a part of was just hilarious.

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Well, here's to hoping for skits about mutts and angry wives, and so on in the future... instead of skits about how torture isn't torture, good looking parrots who know everything about foreign policy because they live closest to Russia, about Musharraf finally becoming a real US ally when setting aside the supreme court to win the elections (which is when Bush says he has "cohones"), or Presidents in a bubble commanding the Hindenburg to soar into the sunset, and so forth..

Honestly, it becomes really old in the end.

Btw - if anyone haven't book- marked the page already, I'd recommend reading Jon Swift - who said irony and sarcasm was dead? ...(actually, we all have, on several occasions..)