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Is simplicity a good thing?


aka ginger warlock
I was going to put this in the tech section but I think this covers a whole host of areas.

Is simplicity a good thing? I am watching Top Gear at the moment who are commenting on a car that has a manual window roll up and roll down, one car manufactory also used this stating "its one thing less to go wrong" and to be fair, they have a point. One thing I have seen on many computers is PCs that have "doors" either on there front such as this one:

Sure, it looks swish but to me, what is the point? You very rarely look at the front of a PC and if you do its to plug in a usb cable, turn it on or open the DVD draw so what is the point? I just don't see it, and sticking to the PC angle there are PCs where the best way to describe it is a "flap", pops open when you open the DVD draw. Why? What is the point? Does it hide the draw? No, because you know it is there and to me this goes under the same area of "one more thing to do wrong".

Do you look for simplicity? Do you look for form or fashion? Does it put you off if something looks over manufactured for the sake of it? Do you see the point of paying more for something that is just a little bit different?


I look for simplicity and form and price and I will not pay more for something extra on a computer that I may never use.


It depends on what you're talking about.

I look for fashion when it comes to technology lol.
I want my stuff to be as good looking as possible and as special as possible.

I'd immediately buy that PC. It's so beautiful and I wouldn't stop starring at it.
[of course, how it looks is not everything. It should work properly otherwise I don't buy it]
But I have this obsession over good looking things, starting from PCs, mobiles and so on.
So I don't look for simple things in this case but I go for fashionable and style.


Registered Member
I go for fashion, IF it's something that can't mess up too bad. I def think it is a good idea to have manual windows in cars since probs with that could cause serious issues. But I can deal with an extra step to have something that looks awesome.
That said, I wish I'd seen that pc case before last Christmas. It's similar to mine but I like it even more. Here's my pc. The door really isn't a big issue and it keeps the DVD drives cleaner than they were on my older pc's. The only thing that worries me is the readout on the door. It gives the time, microprocessor temp, hard drive activity, and fan activity. I hope the cable never wears out from opening and shutting the door. But I've used it for almost a year now and no probs. It's been as easy to use as pc's I've had without doors.



Registered Member
When purchasing anything, I ask myselve can I do with out it? the answer usually is yes lol

However the next thing I ask myself is how much of my own energy is it going to save? That takes into account simplicity definitely as looks are a deceiver :).

In fact all our senses can be rather deceiving, especially as the competitiveness grows strong in advertising and in products.


Registered Member
Simplicity is nearly always better. I dont know much about computers but when Im working on, looking at buying, or dreaming about owning a car or truck simplicity is pretty much always best.

Fuel injected fuel system VS carbourated. Ill always pick carbourated. Fuel injected systems are ran off of a computer. What happens when the injectors or the computer get screwed up? I spend 3 or 4 hours messing with some dumb electronic sensors that I know almost nothing about. What happens when a carbourater has a problem? I inspect it, find the problem, and fix it within about half an hour. Theyre easier to fix and much more dependable.

Electronic windows are a pain. My old pickup (an '88 silverado 1500) had manual crank windows. I loved that to death. Whenever I had a problem with one of the windows I just popped off the plastic door panel and got it figured out in almost no time. I could substitute parts I find in my garage. If I ever have an electronic window motor go out Ill have no idea how to fix it.

Simplicity rules!


Registered Member
It really depends, I wouldn't want to always work in "automatic" if you get what I mean, but its nice to have some things than can be done for us. But I would like to do things myself once in a while. I like things that look good also, I like the door idea on a computer and I don't find it pointless, though sometimes I bet that it would annoy me when I have to open and close it constantly.