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PlayStation 2 Is SC3 any good?


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Ok ign gave the game a 8.5 out of 10. I now own the game and it is the greatest fighter I've ever played. The graphics are "Holy S***!" amazing, the battles are fast-paced, with amazing moves, great music and an epic feel, the game controls very well, and each character emits a distinct personality, whether it's the cold cruelty of Ivy, the death and dismemberment obsessive hottie Tira, or the "well-hidden" :) personality of Lizardman. The gameplay/fighting is damn near perfect, and there are tons of game modes, including singleplayer story modes for each character (and each is a branching storyline!), fighting tournaments and leagues, Chronicles of the Sword (a brand-new RTS game), Soul Arena (with scenario battles like coin collector and turntable), a museum with unlockable artwork, CG images, movies, E3 videos, character profiles, and backgrounds...


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The game also features the best character creation mode I've ever see. After unlocking all the extra slots, you can have up to 9 characters saved at once, and the possibilities are endless! I have currently saved my own version of Sora, then I have Link, Cloud Strife, Mario (with his yellow cape!), and I used to have Princess Peach but I deleted her and now plan on makng Sephiroth. There are SOOOO many items with literally HUNDREDS of colors for each item. You can also customize eyebrow color, voice, face style, and eye color. Multiplayer Modes include up to 8 player tournaments where the game sets up the brackets for you, and the standard VS. battle.


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This game is MASSIVE, and it's going to take a LONG time before you unlock everything and see all the game has to offer. The fighting system is perfect for party players and amateur fighters, and also has ridiculous depth and complexity for those who want to learn all the moves and advanced techniques, thereby mastering the system and giving them a big advantage in battle. While amazing though, the game isn't perfect. Chronicles of the Sword is actually a lot of fun, but doesn't hold you in. It's frustrating when a boss kills you and you have to start the entire map over as well.
The singleplayer modes can be brutal as well, but how are you gonna get better? In all though, with amazing graphics, ridiculous replayibility, new ideas, awesome fighting that's fast-paced, intense, smooth, and simple yet complex... The multiplayer, like Halo 2 before it, makes for the perfect party game, will bring much tension, hilarity, and excitement, is a source for some truly memorable moments, and is some of the most fun you can have with friends (and enemies). Only the fact that Chronicles of the Sword is surprisingly fun but could definitely be better keep SOULCALIBUR III from getting a perfect score in my book. As is, I give it a 9.7
and that's my personal review :)


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Ok.... I'm new , but the professeur will HAVE to say something here.... This is a quality game, #1..

#2: To all those who enjoy Link, more power to you. For the rest of us who enjoy the PS2, this is your game here... It's coming out for the Wii and the 360... (The Wii will get Zelda and Link, Namco have yet to release their two yet....). This is a great game and the create a fighter is great as well... AFTER YOU BEAT THE GAME AND ADVENTURE MODES!!!!!

Nuff said.


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I bought it... sold it soon after. The excitement of creating a character fades quickly because you can't really specialize their moves or anything. I thought SC2 was great, but 3... ehhhh. could have been much better.


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The problem I had with it was the fact that the character creation was rather lacking.
I mean, it's ok if your trying to just through random things together for a character, but if you already have an idea in mind, you can pretty much forget it.

Issue 1.
Some of the clothes have colors you can't change when you should be able to, so you don't use them.

Issue 2.
To many outfits you wont use and to much of the same thing, while it also lacks a large verity of things that you would definitely want.

Issue 3.
To many of the weapon techniques are similar or the same as another.
Example: It has a weapon technique of a Sword and Shield.
But the game already has two characters that use a Sword and Shield as well as another character that wields an Axe and Shield, all of which can be used in character creation.
Some of the weapons it has are just plain stupid.
Like for example: Bomb and Dagger. . .
Why not Whip and Dagger?

Aside from the annoying Issue's, it's still a good game.
Out of 10, I'd have to give it a 7.5. since it could have been much better.
Hopefully Soul Calibur 4 will not have any of these problems.
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