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Music Is radio dead?


Heavy Weapons Guy
AM and FM radio is not dead but dying. We will probably only have this eventually for emergency situations.

Internet radio and satellite radio I think is going to continue to grow in the future.

I only listen to the radio when I want to listen to a talk show or get the morning news on my way to work. But even that is moving more into the world of the internet with podcasts and such and internet/satellite radio.

So some parts are declining some parts are growing, just depends how you define it.


Sally Twit
I listen when I'm in my car. I switch between Smooth, Radio 1 and Capital FM. It depends on what's playing and what I'm in the mood for.

I don't think it's dead by any means. People still constantly phone in for competitions and to hear their favourite songs played.

Do any of the UK'ers remember Graham Torrington's Late Night Love? People would phone in about sexual/relationship problems. It was really good but it was axed in 2008.


Registered Member
In a way I listen to a form of radio on a regular basis via the wonderful thing that is podcasts. I have many that I am signed up to and also a app on my iPhone that allows me to listen to a massive catalogue of them. I also use Spotify which again in it's own way could be seen as radio but what I don't do is listen to the radio that much any-more.

I know many people who do, my dad for example always listens to it on a saturday or a sunday when he is doing garden work to be able to listen to football games and here the news etc. Almost every car today still comes with a radio and with DAB radios people certainly still try to make it work.

With all that being said I would not consider radio dead but simply something I do not happen to listen to, but do you? Do you enjoy it? What do you listen to on the radio and when do you normally listen to it?
Radio is changing. The Internet and technology have caused radio to evolved quicker than I think everyone expected it to. I am an Internet radio DJ and had technology not advanced to where it is today I would've never had that opportunity plus my show is podcast for those who can't tune in the day it airs or one of the syndication days I wouldn't say that radio is dead but technology has redefined what we know as radio.


Registered Member
^ That post sounds familiar, haha.

I listen to the radio in the car as well... I don't have an up to date ipod and I can never be bothered to take CDs with me. I usually just do short drives anyway. I also have my alarm set to a radio station although that's about as far as it goes, I would rarely ever listen to the radio at other times.


Registered Member
My dad listens to news on radios 24/7 and I can get stations on my media player but I never listen to them. He listens to radios even when Im listening to music and it sucks! Ban radio!


Registered Member
On my way too work I usually listen to an audio book but I always make sure that at least 1 week each month I listen to the radio, I like to keep up to date with new music.