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PlayStation 3 is playstation3 too expensive


Where is my Queen?
I do not think that ps3 is overpriced now. You can now get a ps3 for only 399. Yes the ps3 bombed. Yes Final Fantasy is finally crossing over, but the ps3 has yet released there good stuff yet. Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the reason that I will be spending 500 dollars in March and it will only be on ps3.


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HECK YES! You know, my husband and I love buying these gaming systems and we keep pretty up to date on what we have. However, I refuse to pay the price they are asking for this thing when I know that, before they go out of style, the price will lower. I am actually a huge fan of the Wii. It does so much and came with so much, yet we only paid $300 for what it came with.


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I'm a loyal Play Station Fan

I got the ps1 when it first came out
Got ps2 when it first came out
Got ps3 when it first came out

So the price of the ps3 sounds cheap compared to the 360

You have to buy the HDTV adapter
Wireless controllers
DVD update thingy so it can play dvd's
plus you cant lean a 360 on its side like a ps3 ;)
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i got a ps3 for only 250$ in American dollars

So its cheap as hell ;)
Off of the back of a truck, Chad? Something tells me this wasn't the full price (meaning you used gift cards or discounts of sorts) or that it wasn't legit.

The PS3 is not worth 500, it's not worth 400, it's not worth 300. The price doesn't matter now, the PS3 was late to the affordable party and has a lot of ground to cover. With the Wii starting to run off in sales and the 360 still selling strong and only growing, the PS3 needs exclusive, incredible games, and fast.

MGS4 is a big one along with FF13 (which is not confirmed for other systems, spin-offs maybe, but not necessarily the main game) and with Devil May Cry jumping ship to Xbox, it makes one wonder if the PS3 has the staying power.

- The Wii has it's innovative system techniques (the use of motion controls and the typical Nintendo motto, "games for everyone).

- The Xbox has it's incredible online services and developer support.

- The PS3 has the graphics.

Life support, it's what the PS3 is on.


Problematic Shitlord
First off, the article is months old and the Xbox 360 has since seen light price drops. Also, the PS3 started out highly expensive and forced blu-ray, a new and expensive technology, on potential buyers where 360 gave the buyer the choice by offering the HD player separately. The PS3 is getting its price cuts late which is why it is still considered expensive.

The PS3 can also be called expensive because of it's lack of a system-seller. There is no PS3 game out there I'm willing to pay $540 for (480 for the system, 60 for the game). Whereas with a 360, I bought a new one plus a game for 400 and with the 160 difference left over from the PS3's price, I can buy at least two more games.

PS3 (standard 60GB package) - $479.99
Xbox 360 w/two games - $349.99

It all depends on how much money you can spend and what you're looking for.

- If you want a larger library of enjoyable games with a better online service and the potential to upgrade the system (with accessories such as an HD player) to be bigger and badder, you go for the 360. It's more affordable (at the basic system package) for the average gamer who cannot spend much money in the first place.

- If you want the system with slightly stronger graphics and built-in Blu-Ray technology, go for the PS3.

I still see the only advantage of having a PS3 is the Blu-Ray player because it's most likely the future of home entertainment, the next step past DVDs. On the other hand the 360 has a wide range of games, such as BioShock, Halo 3, Gears of War, all award-winning games (only two of which are rumored to be released on PS3). A lot of people see the future of gaming as world wide multiplayer, something Xbox live has done a great job of so far.


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I got a ps3 back in august 2007 and it is amazing but there are flaws. The most annoying thing about it is that you have to update so when i turn it on sometimes i have to update before i do anything online. But then again i got a xbox 360 when it was released and theres a hardware problem with it. I was playing call of duty 3 online and it just packed up on me. So looking at all the top consoles at this present time i would have to say the wii is ultimate at the moment for gameplay and ps3 for graphics. Depends what you want