Is Obama the Reefer???


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There is a rumor that Obama, if elected, will push for the legalization of marijuana in small quantities?

Do you think it's true? Do you think that if he pushes for it that it will happen?

I hope so. The only reason they wouldn't is because the government makes so much money from drug crimes. I hope that they legalize it and tax it. I'd be willing to pay a little tax on it if I could get it at Speedway!
Eh. I wouldnt mind either way really.

Thats not to say that, if he does, it wont have a major ripple effect.

I just dont mind because I think its shenanegains.

If someone has a link to his site where it says that, ill be a bit more thoughtful.

Where did you hear this rumor?


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That would be a bit of good news. Got a link or something to an article or press release about this? I would like to know if it is fact or fiction.


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Considering America has extremely strict laws on drugs, and that about half of all prisoners in the over-crowded American prisons are sitting there for drug-related crimes, a legalization of soft drugs would make sense on so many levels:

First, it would immensely reduce the costs for the state due to legal processes and imprisonment, law enforcement and so on. It's not the state is profiting from a ban -- on the contrary. The costs related to criminalization is probably in the billions.

Second, it would open the door for a great new tax revenue. Just imagine how much money would be in the market for pot/marihuana, if it was drawn out of the black market.

Third, I think the benefits would clearly outweigh the cons; like alcohol during prohibition, soft drugs will be consumed anyway, it's not a legalization would suddenly turn the country into a yard of potheads. And when it's illegal, ugly black market figures take all the profit, including side effects like gang and/or mafia wars. So why shouldn't both the state and the consumers profit from a legalization -- taxed and controlled goods which are on a constantly high level of quality?

Fourth, by eliminating the black market connected to pot/marihuana, potential consumers don't get easily in contact to harder, more dangerous drugs, which are often sold by the same dealers as long as it's illegal. Also, there would be no health damage due to unclean goods.

So regardless if Obama has the intention of legalizing it, it would be a really great idea, IMHO.

But I have a hard time imagining Obama really wants to do that. Or, even if that is his plan, he will hardly tell that before the election. The public would instantly go crazy and call bloody murder -- many people just don't know the difference between marijuana, crack or heroine, and just believe "drugs are eeevil!" (especially after their four or five beers).


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I'd support him for legalization for someone to grow a plant or two for their own use and a tax on store sale (if they allow it to be sold in stores).


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I could see him doing it in his second term. It would require some serious campaigning, but I think the public could accept it.

I think Obama himself supports it, I just think it's politically volatile territory. However, if done from a crime standpoint (pot smokers aren't criminals or violent like alcoholics) and that the prisons are bloated with potheads, I think he could sell it.
that is good news but its not really a big deal ... i mean people are going to smoke it either way .... pots not going to go away and there would have to be warehouses full of it everywhere to stock all of the stores every day ..... it just would be a hard thing to do !!!


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quote from the article:
Would Republicans have a field day with this, if Obama were nominated as the Democratic candidate?
No. Most of my friends are politically center, conservative or libertarian. Its an issue that nobody really cares about one way or another. If anything the center to right would vote to legalize it to save money on prison care.

Of course, I live in a state that has a personal use clause for marijuana so maybe Republicans in other states would think differently.


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Marijuana is a weed. That means if you plant one, the grow everywhere! We already have massive supplies coming into the US via illegal trafficking so why would it be hard to bring it in for stores? Why not ban cigarettes and legalize the reefers? I'd be A O K with that!