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Is new antisemitism affiliated with the left?

Is new antisemitism affiliated with the left?

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I got this message from another message board, it created a lot of good discussion over there, so I decided to post it here and see if we can create good hearted discussion.

Moderator note: I know these type of threads have a chance to escalate quickly, once again I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread, so will other moderators. Let's have a good discussion and hopefully we won't be needing to hand out infractions.

It seems to me that those on the left are much more likely to have ill feelings towards the Jews than the right is. Historically it has been the right that has been more likely to hold animosity toward the Jews.

I don't know if it's because of Jews seen as being colonial/oppressive, Boston Review — State of the Nation the image of Jews being pro-establishment or some sort of global Jewish conspiracy.

There's a lot of hostility generated towards Israel and Zionism. Zionism is the belief in a Jewish nation, and a Zionist is a person who supports the existence of a Jewish nation. It's come to be that Zionist is an insulting word, and Zionists are to be reviled. Those that use it as an insult have a habit of making antisemitic comments, trying to use "Zionist" as a very thin veil for Jew.

There's a difference between criticizing Israel and demonizing Israel.


Registered Member
In my opinion:

Yes and no.

Yes, because there are quite a few on the left fringe who despise Israel and its policies so much that it indeed qualifies as anti-Semitism.

No, because often, the label "anti-Semite" is used too quickly by pro-Israeli hawks against people on the left who are critical towards the policies of the Israeli government. But I agree that this is a hot topic, and people critical of the Israeli government should be very careful when making their arguments not to cross a line. Some do cross this line and may rightfully be called anti-Semite.

No, because the old anti-Semitism from the right still exists to some extent (traditionally less so in Anglophone countries, where there are other ethnicities to blame for all kind of things, be that blacks, hispanics or Muslims). But in those places in Europe, where there is no significant other minority that can serve as projection screen for chauvinism, anti-Semitism still exists, usually additionally to islamophobia.

No, because the largest surge of anti-Semitism I witnessed in the last decade is a rise of anti-Semitism from the side of Muslim immigrants. Traditional right-wing and "anti-imperialistic" left-wing anti-Semitism seem rather constant at the fringes, but Muslim anti-Semites have increased their effort, according to my subjective impression.


Registered Member
Anti-Israeli thought may not necessarily be connected with anti-semitism. I think many may be realising what a difficult situation America have in the Israeli debacle and would prefer to distance themselves from it. The Palestinian papers recently leaked show how Israel have behaved quite poorly towards the peace process -arrogant with British/US backing?

I can't speak specifically of US politics but I feel any correlation may be coincidental. Maybe there is an increase in anti-semitism on both sides?

I never understood Zionist to be an insulting term unless you were using it it the context of a single-mindedness to achieve without prejudice or care of consequence. Even then I find it hard to connect the term with anti-semitism.
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