Is my work partly responsible?


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I gave blood at my work recently and had to go to the hospital due to breathing problems and chest pain due to giving blood. The blood donation people said they would help pay some of my bill because they feel somewhat responsible since I have no medical insurance and my work told them that there were medically trained staff on hand to deal with anything that should arise due to people giving blood.

When I asked my supervisor for medical assistance due to my affliction he said that they don't have any medical staff on hand and only have cold packs and band-aids for first-aid treatment. My supervisor decided to call the ER to have pick me up and take me to the hospital for treatment.

I feel that since the blood people want to help pay my bill due to the circumstances that my work should also pay part of it since they lied to the blood donation people in the first place and they did the blood donations that day thinking there would be people to handle it should something go wrong.

My work said that they aren't responsible for anyhting because it isn't work related and they thought that the blood people were all trained to handle these things themsleves, which they weren't.


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Well technically your work could possibly get into trouble for stating a fact like that to the blood donation people to begin with. And honestly I'm surprised they didn't have at least a nurse on board to be doing that if that were the case. Then again if you had side effects from giving blood well that is a double edged sword as it were because they can argue nobody forced you to do it and both sides can claim denial for charges. I'd probably accept whatever you can get but your boss is an ass in my opinion.

Oh and I probably wouldn't give blood again either.
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Were you on the clock when this happened?

The Blood collectors are offering to help because they dont want you to sue their pants off. I dont believe most of those organizations run on making a profit and so its no surprise to me to hear they offered to get on record to help you as soon as they could.

Should your work have to pay for it?

No... I'm assuming your work is non-medical related and therefore should only have to carry standard first aid to cover minor medical attention. You gotta remember its to expensive for a company to pay for full time on site medical staff. Even with first aid there is a bare minimum and it usually only covers issues like burns, Cuts, and bruises. Just enough to safely bide the time until you can recieve proper needed medical attention. As far as claiming someone would be there in case of emergency, correct me if I'm wrong here but arent the Blood Collectors supposed to be the experts?

If you were on the clock or the blood drive were mandatory when this happened you might have some ground to stand on. But In my experience there arent to many companies out there that will let you participate in blood drives and other personal choice activities like this that may put you at a health risk or even cause you to be less productive afterwards.

Should your Work help you?

Depends... how long have you been there? Are you in good standing with your supervisors? Were you aware of the possible complications you experienced? I say if this is a complete freak accident type thing and that you've put in respectable time at your place of work... then yes it would be a kind gesture on their part to help out. But they shouldnt be expected to pay for everything.
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I was on the clock when it happened. It's not that I want them to pay the whole bill or anything but I would like a small part of it paid since I don't have insurance. I've only been there for 3 months so I could see why they don't really care. The thing is that the reaction I had isn't normal at all for giving blood. I have no history of that and the doctor, paramedics, and blood staff said that it isn't normal to have that happen. The blood people said that they are only trained to take blood and that it is up to the companies or schools that allow them to do it there to have medical staff on hand to deal with any issues.


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Yes your work should be responsable for some of your bills. They would have signed a contract with the blood donation company and I bet that the "There will be medical personel on location" part was in the contract. If your at work, it's not a good idea to lose that much strength giving blood because you can feel faint and pass out.

Also your supervisor sent you to the ER, want to know why? Because he was worried that you could have gotten worse and made him look bad. So his resolution was to send you to the ER which is the priciest solution just to cover his own ass.

I think their neglegence is enough to have them pay the entire amount. You should bring these points to their attention and say "The Blood company is willing pay what they think is fair, and I feel you are responsable for the rest. If you disagree then I will invite a class action lawsuit to join in on the discussion."

Ask for documentation of the agreement between the two companies and talk with the most experienced person in your HR department about your options.

There are several options to try and I assure you that if you think it through well enough then you will not have to pay any of the medical bills.