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is my weight dropping fast? or slow?


New Member
Hi, i recently looked in the mirror and realised i was turning into a fatty, being one of the biggest (muscular) boys in my year group i was pretty upset and decided to go back to the old me.

im tryna loose some weight:

11 days ago i was 83.6 kg and now i am 81.00kg i just wanted help like this kinda average, fast or slow? im trying to get to around 70kg then i want to build some muscle. :)


Your trying to lose weight and I am trying to gain weight for me 50 added pounds would be awesome.


yellow 4!
If you're losing weight the right way, then it doesn't really matter. If you think you're going too fast then make sure you really are doing it properly.

5.7lbs in 11 days is pretty fast considering it averages out at about half a pound a day, a loss of 3.6lbs a week. The healthy amount is said to be around 2lbs a week, depending on your body weight etc. However, it sounds as if at the time of this post you have only just started trying to lose weight. It pretty much always drops quicker at the beginning. A lot of it is probably water weight. So I wouldn't worry at all.

[sorry that I'm working in lbs instead of kgs. you can convert it easily on google]


Registered Member
It is not surprising to drop weight that quickly if there is a dramatic change in your dietary and exercise habits. Also your height plays a role as well. The shorter you are the more your weight will fluctuate, and the dichotomy becomes more apparent as you get older.