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Is McNabb a Hall of Famer?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I thought this could make for a good discussion...

In your opinion is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer and state your reasons why he is or he is not.



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
TL;DR: No.

Of all of the players with similar stats (15k passing, 3k rushing) he is the only one without a Super Bowl rung. He was the face of the franchise for a long time but that franchise didn't win the big game. I don't think his stats and six Pro Bowls are going to be enough to get him in with the high standard of quarterback play in NFL history.

He's not like Marino because Marino excelled for his entire career and set major records.


Embrace the Suck
I agree with Steve. McNabb was a really good QB but no. I know a lot of Philly fans make the argument he didn't have the team Aikman or other guys with similar stats had and thus didn't win but I still think if you stuck him on that Cowboys team they may not have won so many rings. He wasn't very accurate for one. He seemed to come up short in big games for another. He didn't have that "take the bull by the horns" leadership quality and in my opinion that's why they weren't as successful as they could have been. I believe TO when he spoke about McNabb throwing up in the huddle in the Super Bowl. I can understand it, it's a human reaction to being extremely nervous, a natural emotion, but that's what separates the really good players from the great players. A guy like Joe Montana makes a joke about John Candy in the seats in the huddle. A guy like McNabb throws up in the huddle. The difference is his team having the kind of confidence in a QB to lead them to a Super Bowl victory...or not.