Is life long enough?


Sally Twit
No it's not long enough. I love being alive and being around people I love and care about. It's horrible knowing that one by one those people will be gone and that one day I'll be gone. I'm not saying I want to live for 200 years but it'd be nice if I could look back on my life and have no regrets.
There's not enough time to do all the things I want to do because I need plenty of time to save up plenty of money. I'll never have enough money to do a lot of the things I want to do before I die.


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Life is neither to long nor to short. When we want life to be long all it does is speed up and when we want it to be short it drones on and on. Life's just enough of an allotted time. We jut need to make the most of it. In some religious faiths There are many lifetimes where people can accomplish what they need to and prefect themselves to the next level, while it is to be kept in mind that we are all responsible for the actions we do. This "Circle" way of looking at things makes it a really fun and awesome way to spend eternity.


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I agree life is long enough, lets say people live up to 80 years, then that means you had lots of oppurtunities to live out your dreams, and you had a chance to have lots of fun. So yes I believe we live long enough.


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Life is plenty long and everyone has more than enough time to do all the things they want to do. I think people waste too much time doing things they don't need to do. Take shaving for example. Let's say the average person spends 5 minutes a day shaving for 60 years. That's 76 days of your life spent on shaving. Think how much of your time is spent in the shower. At work. Etc.
Life would seem so much longer without work.

And I think Echoes is right we do spend a lot of time doing unecessary things.

I would like a longer "youthful" life. Maybe if would extend our prime by another 20 years and still die in the same duration I would be content with that.

Youth is short life is not.


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Life would seem so much longer without work.
Yep, I know work is necessary, but I figured out with some quick math that the average person spends around 8 years of their life at work. There's 10% of your life down the drain.


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I think that life is long enough because we're supposed to do what we have to do in our lifetime. This way you have no regrets of forgetting to do things. We can't be alive to see everything and it's the future generation that will experience bigger and better things. Things will always improve and we can't change that. Live life to the fullest with the things we currently have.