Is King Booker..too confident?


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NEW YORK – In a lapse of kingly decorum, King Booker and Queen Sharmell stomped through the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden, cursing the double travesty that happened to his highness on Raw.

First, his Royal Coronation was soured by the announcement that he will have to face the returning King of Kings, Triple H, at SummerSlam. And if that wasn’t enough, his royal rival, Jerry “The King” Lawler, defied Booker’s order to crown him the true king of Raw, smashing his expensive jeweled headpiece.

This threw King Booker into an undignified rage. He immediately attacked the WWE Hall of Famer, hurling him into ringsteps and smashing him in the face with a TV monitor. Onlookers at the Garden appeared stunned as King Booker yelled at our fans and officials tended to Lawler who bled from the mouth.

The brutality of the attack left some onlookers wondering whether Triple H’s return has driven King Booker over the edge. With less than two weeks to prepare to face Triple H at the Biggest Party of the Summer, King Booker told he was upset that the match was made. He said he hasn't done anything to Triple H to deserve this match.

“I never brought [Triple H’s] name into anything. What brought Triple H into this was him wanting to be bigger than life. Triple H wants to be bigger than everyone … the so-called King of Kings,” King Booker proclaimed. “What makes Triple H a king? What has Triple H done to become king?”

Raw’s resident monarch went on to recite his résumé of accomplishments: King of the Ring tournament winner. Champion of Champions victor at Cyber Sunday last year. Six-time former World Champion.

King Booker vowed that he will prove at SummerSlam that Triple H is just a peasant, and that he is the true King of Kings.

“I rose to become king. I beat them all. Triple H will be no different. He will be just another foe. Come SummerSlam, Triple H will fall like all the rest,” King Booker said. “After the demolishing of Triple H, I will solidify my greatness as being the true Champion of Champions and the true King of Kings.”

When told of the results of an informal fan poll that gave Triple H the advantage in their upcoming match, King Booker did not let it bother him, saying he’ll be the ultimate victor.

“I don’t think about the peasants. … As far as the polls go, it doesn’t matter. I will just have to go out there and prove why I am King Booker,” the monarch declared.

“At SummerSlam, I, King Booker, will prove to all the thousands of fans in the arena and millions watching around the world that King Booker is just what he says he is – the greatest and the most decorated champion of all time. To vanquish Triple H will be only another feather in my cap.”
Man, yeah. Keep talking. We'll see what you have to say when HHH does a Pedigree on your ass and pins you.


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Booker T has a right to be confident with himself. He's a future hall of famer for sure but putting this into the storyline just makes him more of a heel meaning that HHH was gonna get a bigger ovation when he came in to fight Booker T which is what happened.