Is It That Time Again?


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I think the Red Sox are still going to win the Eastern Division. They have enough talent and enough veteran leadership to get the job done I think.


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It'll be close but even if they don't they still have the wildcard so either way they are safe for the moment. But I think dropping the division would mean less confidence going into the playoffs which is NEVER good for a team.


You should be right, but it really is another season once it's October. If Torre goes with Wang, Clemens, Pettitte and Mussina, he is making a mistake.


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I think that the red sox will still win the division. With only 2 series lefy, against oakland and the twins it should be that hard. Idk, the yankees still I have to play the indians again (i think, i'll check myself on that one). So idk, i just think that we will still get the division. We never do that well against oakland but the Twins havent done that well this season, so I'm looking to win that series.


red sox will win the division, but they will get 3rd place and have to play either cleveland or LA. yanks would much rather get cleveland, as cleveland would much rather get boston, and as anaheim would much rather get the yankees.


You are playing with fire when you want an opponent. Take what you get and try to win.

In 1988, the Mets beat the Dodgers 11 of 12 and the Dodgers beat them in the playoffs.