Is it possible to have MORE fun without Drugs and Alcohol?


Firstly, let me state that this IS a mature discussion thread. Please keep it on topic.

Now, I have had people say to me, when I've refused a drink, that I should "have a bit of fun". I always reply back that "I am having fun". This always confuses them, as I'm stone-cold sober. I do drink on special occasions, or when the mood takes me (which isn't very often, but happened pretty recently), but for the most part I don't drink at all.

The reason is that I can actually find fun things to do without getting extremely drunk. In fact I tend to have more fun when sober than drunk. Also, on the rare occasions that I have a night out, I don't get completely out of it because I like to remember my nights. I don't want to wake up with unexplained bruises, a sore head, and thinking "what the hell happened last night?" I have friends who say things like "It must have been a good night, because I can't remember it!", how do they know this?

I haven't mentioned drugs, simply because I have never tried. Nor am I ever likely to. It's just a personal thing: I don't want to kill myself. No matter what people say, drugs DO kill you, albeit very slowly. For this reason alone I do not consider Marijuana to be a drug. In fact it would probably be the only so-called "illegal drug" I would try. I know not everybody who takes drugs wants to truly kill theirself, but accidents do happen. So little is known about drugs that nobody really knows how they're going to react until they take them. By that time, it is possible that it is too late to do anything about it.

Well there you have it: my two cents on the subject. I'd like to thank Scissorhands and SpicyMeatball for their discussion in sub-talk, which inspired this thread.

What do you think? Is it possible to have more fun sober than wasted?


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Well personally I've never done drugs or gotten drunk before. I have tried a little bit of brownie just to try it, but didn't get high, and I drink, but not to the point of complete intoxication. That being said, I have no idea what it's like to be in any of those altered states. I've heard many stories about how great it is. I don't say they're wrong, but I don't really have a logical reason why I wouldn't try drugs or get hammered other than the fact that it's just a personal choice.

I have plenty of fun while being sober. If i'm missing out on the fun that's taking place while being high or drunk, then I can live with that. It's just not something I want to go into in the foreseeable future.


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I drink on occasion but that still doesn't make it fun, it's just a social thing to do with my friends. Im not saying that I don't enjoy a drink or two, but it's really not necessary to have to enjoy a night out with friends or what not. The need to make things happen quicker by using stimulants and depressants can be the ultimate buzz kill, if it works for some people to loosen them up then I say let them do it.

I don't judge what people do to have their fun, but for me it's not a necessity to have alcohol or drugs to enjoy my free time.



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Well. Some ppl need to drink to have fun. It's pretty much as simple as that.
I dont drink alot, and when i do i manage to controll it very good. I havent had a bad headache, not remembering etc etc.. in uhmm, cant remember last time tbh.

Drugs i wont try. haha. Even alcohol is poision to the body but that atleast will leave the body(more or less) and do very little damage.

tbh it should be more like just enjoying a few beers with m8's. Simply cuz u like the taste of it.. But that is gone, and mostly the kids drink simply to get drunk.

But i do think it's posibble to have more fun drunk and sober, it just depends on your personality.
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I don't personally drink, save for a few rare occasions. Like weddings, etc. I don't smoke weed -- but have tried salvia twice in the past year -- or do any drugs. With salvia, I can't say I didn't have fun, but I always feel uncomfortable afterwards. It's not the kinda fun I want to have, so I only did it a couple times to shut everyone up.

I don't see how getting drunk every weekend like most people do being fun. I mean, I'm not looking down on anyone I just don't get it. I personally don't see the appeal in it. I'm too caught up in having fun with all my other hobbies to consider drinking as one of them. I know some people who spend nearly $50 every week on booze alone (I spend that much on groceries). Hey, it's your money. Yo body. Yoooo body.

I like to save drinking for rare occasions and I'm usually bothered by the presence of drunk people. I don't find them anymore hilarious than a sober person, that's for sure. So my answer is: yes, it's very possible to have MORE fun while sober of any mind-altering substances.
The nice thing about "sober fun" is the fact that you are able to remember what you did the next day. I'm not saying everyone forgets what they've done after a night of drinking, but it is nice not to have to search through your fuzzy mind and wonder if it was real fun, or a good time brought on by an altered state.
I think it's absolutely possible to not only have fun, but yes, MORE fun staying sober. If you feel the need to drink or do drugs in order to have a good time, you should ask yourself why you can't have the same good time sober.


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Is it possible to have more fun WITHOUT drugs and alcohol? Sure it is. Is it possible to have more fun WITH drugs and alcohol? Sure it is. Just because one is true does not mean the other has to be true.

I have done quite a bit of both in my time. I have gotten drunk to the point of not remembering my night. It was fun while in the middle of it, but not worth it the next day. Now, when I drink, i do it for the taste and occasionally to catch a very slight buzz. I enjoy the feeling and the relaxation that comes from it. it makes me talk more at times which I enjoy as well. I only do it at appropriate times though. I can have a great time with booze and I can have a great time without booze. One will not necessarily be better than the other though.

As for other drugs, that is a very personal thing as different people react very differently to the same substances. And even the same people can react differently on the same drug at different times. Some (not all) of the best times of my life have been on drugs and some of the worst times of my life have been on drugs. I am a better person today because of some of my drug experiences, both good and bad. It is not always about having fun, but about experiencing things in a way that you are unable to in other ways. It is kind of like the game of boggle. Sometimes when you can't find any more words all you need to do is turn the board 90 degrees to get a different perspective and all of a sudden you are finding new words. nothing changed other than your perspective. Drugs can do that for some.

It seems that this thread is no so much about drinking to have fun vs not drinking to have fun, but more about abusing alcohol to have fun vs staying sober. There is a very big difference. People can use alcohol responsibly and have fun and not black out and not forget what they did. It does not have to be all or nothing.


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I've had a blast with and without drugs. I've also had shitty times with and without drugs. Beyond that, I'm not sure how to answer the question. When I use drugs it's not because I think I need them to have fun. It's because I like drugs.

Also, alcohol's a drug. I don't know why we need to say drugs and alcohol.
I guess the question seems a little like asking if it's possible to have MORE fun without bowling. Well, I guess(?), but bowling's often pretty fun.
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IMO you can easliy have fun without drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol does help in certain cases, like if your a shy person and you go out to meet other people. But I've went out a few times without consuming alcohol(I dont do drugs) and still had a blast because the people I was with are the best part of me going out. But saying all that I rather drink when I do go out because I'm a drinker at heart lol.


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EI said it very well.

When you can't have fun without drugs (including alcohol), that's rather pathetic. That doesn't mean sometimes, alcohol or drugs cannot be a lot of fun.

Personally, I have not done illegal drugs in several years. But I drink rather often, yet hardly so much I'm completely intoxicated to the degree I lose control of myself, can't remember it the next day. I prefer a mild buzz, 3 to 6 beers or half a bottle of wine is more than enough. THAT can be much fun sometimes, when I'm in the mood, though.

It's not a requirement to have fun, but when the occasion and mood is right, it can increase the fun. :)