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Is it just me?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..

I was wondering if it's just me or has Ebay gone to the dogs? The sellers are slow to ship, but charge you a mint to ship..

I have found alot of "BM" stuff on there again.

I don't think anyone bids on items out right anymore, we all snipe them now.
As for selling, man the fees!! :-o ( Don't even get me started on that ) :mad:

I still haven't found a new or better site so I guess i'm stuck there with the rest of you.

I miss the old days of Ebay:cry:


Secret Agent
Staff member
eBay hasn't really been in the news for a long time for anything. I haven't even seen eBay commercials for the longest time.

Remember those "Buy IT on eBay" ads they had running late last year? I haven't seen anything similar in 2007 at all.

Maybe eBay is trying to cut back their business to make it easier for another company to take a good chunk of the market share! :D

I hope so... ;)