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Is it ever okay to shop off the registry?


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My cousin is getting married in a couple of months, and of course, the invitation lists their wedding registries. The least expensive thing is a $325 Roomba! She and her fiancée aren't wealthy, high brow people, so I'm not sure what drove their top dollar selections. I'm tempted to send them an IKEA gift card because expecting your friends and family to furnish your home with high end furniture is insane! Is this the norm now - creating a registry as though it's a genie in a bottle ready to grant your every wish? Which is considered the least douchebag move, shopping off the registry for a less expensive gift, sending $100 in cash, or declining the invitation and thus, removing the obligation for a gift? She's family, but I'm not spending more than $100 on this.


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Wow. Just wow. That's absurd. I don't think that's the norm. That's ridiculous. Hopefully they just aren't finished with their registries. How long until the wedding? Either way, I would think a gift card to one of the places where they're registered is more than okay. If that's the cheapest thing, I'm sure other people will too and maybe they can combine those gift cards to get one of their pricey items.


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Personally I think the whole idea behind a registry is rude. I don't like being told what to buy as a gift. If someone asks what to get, then it's fine but don't tell them what to get. Family or not, I'd never buy something off of a registry like that!