Is it cruel to "fix" your pet?

Is it cruel to "fix" your pet?

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What do you think about spaying/neutering pets?

Is it cruel?

I will agree that it's not natural, obviously, BUT I don't think it's cruel. Sure it hurts them for a brief period but they actually stand a better chance of living longer if they are fixed.

I think that unless you are a dedicated breeder you shouldn't be allowing your pets to breed. I'm thinking mostly of dogs when I write this but I think it goes for any type of pet. Breeding animals can be hard on them as well as you. If you aren't cut out for it, or you don't have room for 6 puppies (or whatever) to run around then you shouldn't let your pets breed.

Thoughts? I know some people will disagree with me and say that spaying/neutering of any kind and for any reason is cruel/mean/etc but I think in the end it can lead to a better quality of life for your pet.


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I don't think it's cruel. I also agree with you Hybrix, it's better for the dog, also some owners don't want there dog to have kids, so they just get them fixed.

We don't actually know how long it hurts them. But the pain probably goes away in a few days or weeks.

I've had four dogs in my life and they've all been fixed.
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It is cruel but it is also necessary.

It was a part of the decision when I purchased my puppy, I went for a dog as it more manageable than a bitch on heat, a little leg humping is easy compared to phantom pregnancies and the attention of every male dog in a 1 mile radius.

I've yet to decide on if he will be neutered, he has a very good pedigree so as he gets a little bigger if he has good trademarks he may get put out to stud, if not, then for his health I will consider castration.:eek:hmy:*crosses legs* I think I'll wait until he is a little older and at least wait for his balls to drop before making that decision.


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It is not cruel and if you do not breed your animals but also don't get them fixed that causes severe medical problems for them later in life in the females. It is just as cruel to continuously breed them and if they have large litters that's not good for them either. I don't know about the males. I fix all my animals.


Its necessary and I don't really think cruel. We need to keep an eye on the pet population, to many people don't pay any mind to it and just let they're animals breed all over the place. I dated a girl once who's parents didn't pay attention to they're rabbits breeding, there were about 100 maybe more, here dad went out there with a shotgun and just started shooting away. Thats a good example of what can happen.

Go into any farming community I can pretty much guaranty you'll find at least one family with a barn full of mostly uncared for cats.


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Hmm. I think that i'd have to find out if it makes the dog sad... I mean, if the doggy is happy, then I think it's an ok way to make sure you only keep that one doggy, and prevent having to send 4 puppys to the dog shelter.

If the doggy is sad, then i'd feel bad. My doggy seems pretty happy though, so i'm ok with it.

Although I have to say... 1st "fixing".. next... repet


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Yeah, it's cruel. Why? Because it would be considered cruel if we did it to other people (especially if the reason were to control the population). However, I do believe it is necessary in some places where the stray population is ridiculously out of control.


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I think that depends on your definition of cruel. Of course they have no say in it, but they're under anesthesia when it happens. Obviously they'll be sore afterward, but it's better than the alternative. Unless you're absolutely certain that your pet will never be in a situation where she could get knocked up or he would knock another animal up, then it's absolutely necessary. There are already too many homeless pets waiting to be adopted at shelters.

Also, spaying and neutering does reduce the risk of certain reproductive disorders.


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I would rather people "fix" their pets than use them for breeding... in my opinion that is not what you get a pet for.. but to each his own. It is always cruel to put something through something it has no say in, but at the sametime I feel like it is necessary for multiple reasons.