Is it Art or a sign?


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The difference between what is considered art and advertisement can be as opposite as day and night.

A local moving company, Day or Night Moves, Inc., has a mural of a sun and moon displayed on their building that the owners consider art, but the city of Neptune Beach considers it a sign, according to officials.

“It was a gift to my wife,” said owner Joe Quest, explaining the sun and moon representation painted on the west side of the Atlantic Boulevard business.

“Shari has always been the sun in my life,” Quest said of the painting.

Quest said he considers the sign, which has been on display for approximately two weeks, an “outdoor art mural.”

However, he received a notice from the city explaining that it is considered a sign and that because he did not have a permit for it, the company was in violation of the city’s code.

“That just kind of hurt our feelings, “ he said.

He also explained that it is not the same as the company’s logo – which has a copyright and shows an owl and stars.

The city’s code defines a sign as “any indication, description, illustration or device illuminated or non-illuminated, which is visible from any outdoor place and open to the public and which directs attention to a product, service, place, activity person, institution or business thereof...”

City Manager Jim Jarboe said he could not comment because the case is still open.

However, Quest filed for a sign permit Wednesday, according to city officials.

He received a letter from Jarboe Thursday explaining that although he filed for a sign permit, the city will not consider that an admission that the mural is a sign.

The case will be heard before the code enforcement board in October, according to Jarboe.

If the permit is denied, the company can either apply for a variance or appeal to a civil court, according to Jarboe’s letter to Quest.

The company has started a petition - which has approximately 100 signatures - to rally support for the mural, which was painted by a Jacksonville Beach artist at his request.

In an email, Quest’s wife Shari said that the mural, which was a gift from her husband, was added to a “very plain blank gray wall in an effort to make the building more pleasing to the eye.

“Most if not all of our neighbors agree. Many have said it has brought a smile to their face as they traveled Atlantic Boulevard,” Shari Quest said.

I think it's amazing. I see it almost everyday on the way to school. The artist is very hot... She coming to my art class at school next week to talk to the class.

I also think it's bull shit. It's only staying with the theme of the company, it's not like it actually says the name.