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Is it a Job trial or do i have the job?


New Member
On tuesday i had an interview with a care home and after the interview they said they'd let me know if i'd got the job or not friday. Instead they i got a phone call from one of the deputy managers Anne saying to come in monday at 9 to shadow and observe the carers and (this is the confusing bit) "we'll see how it goes" - so i took this to mean i have had work trial to prove myself.

So i went in today and everything went well and i assumed at the end i'd be told offically whether or not i'd gotten the job. All the staff in the care home kept referring to me as "the new girl" and talking like i'd already got the job, even one of the Deputy managers (can't remember her name at the moment lets call her A)and when it came to lunch time said i'd in tomorrow shadowing someone else.

At the end of the day when A came to find me to tell me i could go i asked her and explained i needed to know because i'd need to let jobcentre who if i'd indeed gotten the job after all but she didn't know. She said "well today was an induction so i don't see why not" she said she's ask Anne tomorrow when i come in. But i'm confused. What shall i do? :s


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It looks like you got it but I suggest you wait til Anne says yes today before doing more work. :)


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did you use the internet to find this job? if so, it could be a scam.
if you receive emails from this company requesting private information (including bank account details for direct debiting your pay), do not reply.

i heard about this scam that's going around on the internet for scamming and robbing job seekers.

one girl fell for this. she used the internet to find a job, found one she liked, so she applied for it. over the weeks, she got emails requesting information including postal address, bank account details, and more. she gave away everything except her bank account details. few weeks later, she was informed that it was all a scam.

she was very lucky, because she did not give away her bank account details.

so if you found this job online, it could be a scam. i hope it's not. congratulations if it is genuine and you got the job.