Is Islam Evil?

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I've been thinking about this a lot and here are some conclusions I've drawn.

I've read the Koran (English Translation), not in-depth as a theologian would, but I've read it none the less. Thus giving me an opportunity to argue points and discuss the koran with Muslims. Whenever I find a discrepancy in it's teachings, or for example, The Koran says basically that 'your wife is your possession and the husband is free to enter her and exit her just as one would enter and exit a house." When I asked about the meaning of this to my Muslim friend, his only defense is to say, "well, since it's not in Arabic, you would not get the full meaning." Or "to fully understand that passage, you would have to read it in Arabic."

Here's the problem I see with that argument that All Muslims across the board use:
If A text has limitations, such as translations or language discrepancies, that proves it is not divine. For anything created or inspired by God, would easily get around something as simple as language. After all, this is the God who created the Universe, the world, and knows the number of hairs on every individual's head. If a text cannot get past these simple barriers which even a 7 year old can, there is no way that it can be divine.

I too, like the OP have questioned the idea of Moderate Islam. Here in America, many Muslims claim to be moderates. While on the surface this seems plausible, after further questioning it turns out that they are only Muslim by heritage and that they do not even take the Koran seriously. (such is the case with my aunt, my brother-in-law, and several of my cousins). as well as many friends that I have. I also find, after some inquiry, many have not even read the Koran. Which is why their knee-jerk reaction is to say that "one would have to read the Koran in Arabic to get the full meaning."

Read this for further arguments on why islam is evil:

Here are my personal feelings on the subject:

In the bible, it say that when the Christians are gone, there will be a religion in Babylon (the middle east) that deceives the world.

What will be left behind will be the apostate church, which denies the blood of Jesus as the only means whereby sins are forgiven and is willing to make a compromise with other faiths in an interfaith union. This interfaith union will be known as Babylon, a false religious system, which will co-operate with the coming Antichrist during the first half of the tribulation. He will use this religious system to gain power. Revelation 17.1-6.

I know I'll get some heat for this but here it goes: I believe that Islam is the nation that will deceive the world. It's all to convenient that before Islam was even a religion, The bible tells of how this religion, IMO Islam deceives the world by making us believe there are "Moderates." Revelations was written somewhere around 66 A.D. while Islam was Created around 600 A.D.

Before I read the Koran, I believed that Islam was very similar to Christianity, but it just didn't believe that Jesus was the son of God. After reading the Koran, my opinion of that religion has altered drastically. The Koran does preach violence, and the Terrorists and jihadists are correct in their interpretation of it. Christianity preaches love and forgiveness, and while some Christians don't always following that teaching, the facts about the two separate texts and their basic message are undeniable. And what really caught my attention is how the Koran refers to Allah as "The One Who Deceives" and "The One Who Ends Life."

The same descriptions are used for Satan: The Great Deceiver and The Murderer"

Those too are undeniable facts stated in both the Koran and The Bible.

In fact, I would stake my reputation on this idea: Islam, and more specifically the Koran, seem to be the exact opposite to Christianity and the teachings of The Bible. So one could say that Islam is an Anti-Christ.

Also some of the arguments to this post will undoubtedly state the typical Knee-jerk reactions to the question"Is Islam evil?" provokes an instant, inevitable outcry: "Bigot!" "Racist!" "Zionist!" Indeed, the attempt to suppress debate on this question is so intense that few people in the mainstream will ask it.

The level of banality goes beyond the empty name-calling. Typical knee-jerk questions are: "How can you call all Muslims evil?" "Have you ever met a Muslim?" "Don't you think Muslims have children, too?" Notice the switch from the religion to the demographic group. Muslims, as individuals, range from lapsed to devout, from "in name only" to fully practicing Jihadists. As in all religions, some individuals retain the label even if they don't practice the religion. Indeed, knowledge of the religion varies from person to person. It is not at all unusual to find members of a religion who don't understand the doctrines, practice, or history of their religion. As a broad label, "Muslim" is nothing more than a meaningless demographic term. To judge a religion, one considers those who understand and practice the religion. Would we judge Catholicism by someone who, following the tradition of their parents, calls themselves Catholic but has no knowledge of the teachings of the Church, the Pope, the Saints, and the Bible? this paragraph is an excerpt from the article. I felt it stated this idea better than I could.

so here is a quick review of my beliefs: Islam is Evil, the Koran is not Divine, Terrorists are the most accurate in their interpretation of the Koran, and Allah is not God at all, but in-fact, Satan.

This is some serious stuff, and I would appreciate if only legitimate arguements would be used. Also, before you post in out-rage, you should think about what I have said. This is some pretty deep stuff and requires one to think deeply and to search and probe their inner feelings on the topic.

While it may seem so in my last post, im really not a radical christian, it is just that the observations I've made on islam all point to this conclusion.


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"And he should go and worship other gods and bow down to them or to the sun or the moon or all the army of the heavens, ...and you must stone such one with stones and such one must die."
(Deuteronomy 17:3-5)

Yes, Christianity should be killing apostates too.

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