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is Gary Bettman good for buisness?


Registered Member
Gary Bettman has been the Commissioner of the NHL since february 1st 1993 in his 20 years as commissioner of the NHL the league has had 3 work stoppages 94-95,04-05(lost a full season) 12-13. Which as cost strain on fans who loves this sport. But since bettman has been commish the leagues profits has grown to over 3billion dollars and is on pace to surpass the 4billion mark before the end of the newly signed CBA. Under him we've seen tv ratings and the cost of tv rights sky rocket over the past 20yrs.

So is gary bettman good or bad for business in my opinion yes he is

What's your opinion??????? Please share


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Is the current revenue a sign of Gary Bettman having a braincell or evidence how much of an impact social media has on the sports world? Would the NHL have made significant stride in revenue with out Bettman? I am sure it would have. Why? Bettman is nothing but a mouth piece for the NHL owners. If the owners wanted teams in the south, whoever was the commissioner would have had to work on deals to get teams there. I really think the NHL fucked up in Seattle and it's possible they would have already gotten to the 4B mark if they staggered expansion properly. That is, not jumping the shark by going as far down south as possible without reaching the middle ground first. Like Seattle. Flordia and Tampa Bay are a joke...
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