Is fatherhood gone ?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by ChinUp, May 26, 2007.

  1. ChinUp

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    Do we care about fatherhood about paternal sensibilities any more :sad: .. so few people have a father figure today .. are we rejecting fatherhood to compensate for the void being created by the lack of father figures in our lives ? people behave like abortion is only a womans issue ? People behave like women are beyond reproach due to their heavy responsibility with children in society ... a responsibility being thrust on them by a society that seems to have little faith in men being able to offer children the care they need ..

    What has generated this situation .. has the industrial age & war ripped the father figure from family homes & our ideas about family values ?

  2. AYHJA

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    Actually, I think its quite the opposite...My generation is a fatherless one, with the sons of single parents often stepping up to take care of their children...What I have noticed, is the adverse effect of single parenting, but for women... As a parent, dad, and father, I've noticed that me and those like me share the same stories...We got out of bed and fed the baby...Took care of them and provided for them...My son, for example, has been under my care 24/7 since he's been here... Women who were the offspring of single parents missed out on the more 'domestic' qualities...Out of the nuclear household, women had to work harder than ever...Men would want to not remind their mothers of our fathers, and women would not want to replicate the trauma they associate with men...So, they are fiercely dedicated to work, getting an education and being independent... Other things that were important to the generation before us, have been pushed aside, dismissed as stereotypes... It has made the strain of being in a relationship seem bigger than it really is...If you're the offspring of a single parent, you're more prone to feel you can replicate it successfully, where as nuclear parenting is uncharted territory...
  3. ChinUp

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    I concur with most of this except the last .. I feel those of us who didn't get a father / mother home life as a child want to give our offspring that .. knowing how we woudl have wanted it .. after all its simple common sense that two heads are better than one .. & procreation occurs as a result of two individuals of differnt genders for a very practice reason .. we are @ our best when have a firm grasp on both male & female methodology .. wouldn't you agree ?

    this makes no sense to me @ all ..
  4. AYHJA

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    Again, I'm the son of a single parent...My mom wore both hats about as best as it could be done, if your statement is true, then I'm missing something as an adult I would have gotten in a two parent household and I just don't think that's true...It works both ways, you see... And what about the statement I started out with don't you understand..? You asked, "are we rejecting fatherhood to compensate for the void being created by the lack of father figures in our lives ? " And I answered...I'm saying we are accepting fatherhood in light of not having a father figure...
  5. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    Seems to me you are rejecting fatherhood because you didn't have one ..

    You clearly state that rather than believing you missed out as a result of not having a father of your own in your life .. you have rejected the idea that you ever needed one ..

    I don't see how being a father now .. & valuing fatherhood now that you are one .. is the same as being able to accept that you missed out on what your offering now ? I don't think its anything to be ashamed of accepting that you didn't get what could very well have offered you something very valuable .. obviously what we have deserves our appreciation 100%, after all thats the recipe for happiness is it not .. I just feel that acknowledging what we didn't have & the value of what we didn't have can allow us to more honestly accept. understand & appreciate our lot today ..

    loss can be just as valuable as gain IMo .. I think I remember an old wise man saying .. from accumulation you acquire knowledge .. from loss you acquire wisdom ..
  6. Merc

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    We are somewhat over-accepting of women's rights I believe.

    Now before anyone gets all uber-bitchtastic on me, hear me out. I'm not shooting down women's rights. Hell, I'd fight for women quicker than I'd fight for men. But sometimes we're so blind towards a cause that we allow that cause to get away with things. We become so accepting and supportive that we overlook all flaws and any negative thing that happens.

    Look at the average work place today. A woman could bring a sexual harassment case against a coworker with little to no evidence whatsoever. Why? Because people will believe a woman over a man because we still have the idea that all men are pigs. I think of something Carlos Mencia said in regards to women's rights, "You don't want to be treated like equals [in the work place], you want to be treated like women." He used an example of a few guys talking over the water cooler about the ass they got over the weekend and that if a woman overheard them, they'd be in sensitivity training quicker than a snap of the fingers.

    Is fatherhood gone? No. Are women stronger these days? Yes. The unfortunate truth is that more women are being left without a husband and more children go without fathers each day. However, the male perspective on certain things is disappearing because of how much guilt we have towards women and the rights we've deprived them of and the retribution we fear from right's groups. Take the example ChinUp presented with the idea of abortion being solely the woman's choice. In some cases (such as rape), absolutely it's her choice and no one else's because she was forced to become pregnant. However, if a couple has second thoughts about pregnancy (during the early stages) after it has begun, the decision is both of theirs because the woman agreed to conceive a child and the man agreed to as well. It may be her body, but she allowed herself to conceive, making it a mutual decision and mutual decisions ended in solitary solutions rarely bring about positive consequences.
  7. Mr. Mustafa

    Mr. Mustafa Terrorist

    The movies
    The news
    The womens rights movement that preaches penis=evil

    That's what happened to fatherhood.

    Oh yeah, and the courts that are filled with man-hating militant lesbian judges, yeah, I'm talking about California.
  8. Shwa

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    Wwo......def. not. The lack of fatherhood now a days could also be a result to kids not listening to their parents and going off being their "own beings" at like 12 years of age. Little bastards wanna have cell phones, more rights and less parental guidance but could care less about the values of being a mature adult knowing how to take care of yourself in the real world. Don't go blaming others when kids now a days wanna be adults in middle schools. I say let their asses know up front what they're losing by not heading their parents teachings early in life.

  9. Merc

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    He's approaching a bit of truth though, Shwa'. Women get a lot more ease in child situations. Men are usually the losers when it comes to children because our society tends to view women as infallible because they struggled to give birth to the child which is amusing because that doesn't guarantee someone is going to be a good mother. It's a lot easier for a father to lose custody or get in trouble with child-related cases for no apparent reason.

    There's also this major trend of the "playa" in modern media. It's hip these days for guys to fuck anything that walks, sing about, get paid, and not show up for their children. Face it, we live in a day and age where hedonism is the goal.
  10. Shwa

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    Chivalry is gone with the males, but you have to admit, there are no more ladies in the world either.


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