Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant?


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i was laughing when i saw this article. People are questioning whether or not dora the explorer is an illegal immigrant. For goodness sake, its a cartoon! What if she was? Are they doing to pull the cartoon off the air?

Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant?
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OMG lol. That is pretty funny. I have a friend that has a problem with the show, but he still lets his daughter watch it.

People are just using it as a spoof to pick at Arizona right now. My oh my, the things people will do.


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Lol. Sometimes I like to get technical when it coems to Dora fthe explorer.

For example, why does Dora's parents let Dora walk around with a talking monkey and a fox stalking her?


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For example, why does Dora's parents let Dora walk around with...a fox stalking her?
She's a closet furry? She's into bestiality? In any case, at least she knows what to say when he goes too far. Much like I am right now!

Moving swiftly along, gave me a chuckle. I liked long as they're not being serious.


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What would be more ridiculous is when parents start banning their kids to watch Dora for fear of encouraging illegal immigration.


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That doesn't make sense. Why would she need a passport IF she is in fact a US citizen????

"Dora is a Latina, but elements on the show suggest she may be Mexican, central American or even a U.S. Midwesterner."

So no one knows what nationality she is but because she is a "latina" she must be illegal......