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Hmmm... Is Daylight Savings Time Worth It?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't think so. Really wish it would be ended.


Registered Member
I hate it. I have like 3 watches I need to readjust twice a year + a few household appliances.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I don’t mind having more daylight because of it, but maybe a one time 30 minute adjustment to meet in the middle would be nice. Then never change it again.


Registered Member
Time is but an illusion, and clocks were invented to grid that illusion.
(I just make that up.......you like it?) :D

I think it's all pretty silly, really. Especially considering the reason why it was instigated in the first place. And then you have Arizona saying it doesn't participate because of the.................extreme hot weather? What does that have to do ANYthing? Take their brains out of that oven, they're fully cooked, and then go to Flagstaff when it's 10 degrees and cool it off.

One worldwide time zone, one worldwide currency, all religions being made illegal and one worldwide healthcare system. Make the world a better place one minute at a time.

You heard it here first.


Registered Member
I hate daylight savings time. I read that 2 states up north were thinking of ending the time change. Either way, you go to work in the dark or come home in the dark. Take your pick.