Is computer sound quality important to you?

What do you use for your computer sound?

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Is your computer sound quality important to you?

I was talking with Midget in his intro thread and I got the idea for this thread.

Basically, I don't have a single computer speaker hooked up to my computer. I have a Sony Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound amp/receiver hooked up directly to my computer. That in turn powers 2 Bose satellite speakers, running through a Bose bass box (not the same as a sub), and a Yamaha 16 inch sub.

Needless to say, I'm well aware that I need a center and rear left/right speakers still. My setup doesn't really leave room for center and rear easily, but I'm definitely planning on getting a center channel soon.

So, is your computer sound quality important to you? What are you running?


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I have the internal speakers on my laptop. They're not all that great, but its not too important to me. I have headphones for when I want something loud. I also still have a cd player to blast music through some pretty nice speakers.


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Sound quality is very important to me, I hate laptop speakers because they're so small and can't deliver good sound (macbooks are better but still...not all that great).

I recently switched from these old 1995 speakers that came with the first computer my family ever had to using some speakers that came with a computer we got in 2002, all because the quality of the sound bothered me a lot.

I have some high end Boston Acoustics computer speakers with a sub, I got them with that gateway that I hate so much (I've mentioned it a few times), the speakers are literally the only part of that computer that I use to any extent whatsoever (other than the Windows XP OS I still use that).

The sub really completes the speakers it makes everything so much more clear. They're not really all that large but they deliver great sound.
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It is important to me, I listen to 75% of all my music on my computer, and I looooove music! I can't afford anything fancy, I just have a good set up that doesn't sound tinny.


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I just have basic computer speakers and a sub that came with my computer and it works well for what I need it for. I wouldn't get high-end speakers unless I did a lot of gaming or watched a lot of movies on the computer, which I don't. Even if I did, I don't think I'd upgrade my speakers.


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I don't know the technical words for it but I have a laptop. I just plug my earphones when I'm listening to music. Without the earphones, I can still listen to music but the quality is bad, I need more volume. We also have external speakers that amplify the sounds (plugged at same place I plug my earphones) but I haven't been using it for months.
Its not that important to me, I never really thought about it before. I just have standard speakers that came with the computer and I have no problem with them, they're good enough.. for me anyway. The in-built speakers on my laptop aren't as good for quality, but still, no complaints! Even though I listen to a lot of music on my computer I would never upgrade my sound system because I'd have no idea what I was looking for and I'm fine with the basics.


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Since I do a lot of gaming and listening to music, I figured there is no sense in having a cheap sound system on my computer. I have a 5 speaker system with a sub-woofer that pumps out crystal clear sound. There is no sense in being a music/gaming nut and having shitty sound quality. Sound quality is a key part of enjoying music and playing games.


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On my laptop, I don't expect much. My husband use to play a lot of computer games and bought these high dollar speakers. However, he has moved onto the wii and ps3 so they just sit over on the computer desk looking pretty now