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Is collecting character models worth it?


New Member
So is it? Is collecting models of character from video games worth it? I ask this because my brother collected a few when he was younger and he still has them. Do they even become valuable later on in life? Especially if it is apart of a big franchise?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
From my past experience the market on all collectibles is down, most are not buying only selling thus driving down the prices. It all depends on the figure and if they put it together or not. If opened and all put together then it is only worth 20% of the value. If unopened (MIB) then it might retain 65% of the value it once was. I would just sit on them till the market balances out.


It depends why you collect. If you want to collect things just so you can sell them later and make money then maybe not. If you want to collect just because you personally like them and how they look on display then yeah, it's worth it.