Is Colangelo done?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know he's still trying to get Slokar here and Gharbossa aswell, but after those signing do you think that Colangelo is done changing the Raptors? I personnally think that he's finished. He filled up all the holes that Raptors had, and did an awesome a job if I may say sooo myself. I don't think that the Raptors will be laughed at anymore and they definily won't be basement dwellers in the east anymore.


This roster is maybe good enough for the 8th seed. This is also because we are in the East, and to quote Bosh, "Anyone can go in the East." Brian is not done. He still maybe bringing Uros because of the Pape injury, and will be interested in signing Garbo like you said. John Salmons is also an addition. Maybe another free agent? Eddie House? Luckily Fred Jones - which i really doubt - if he comes to town. Im expecting another trade to go down too, however its easier said than done.

Raptor fans are looking for more and more, thats for sure.


i agree with u gustavo, bryan isnt done yet. he is a hard working man and he will put all his strenth to make the raptors team a winning team.