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Is Carey Price the best goalie in the NHL?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
He doesn't have the best stats in the NHL, but man does he ever make some amazing saves on a night to night basis. Also, those are no easy saves, but he does make it look easy.

To me, if I could have one goalie on my team if I was a general manager I would pick Carey Price and not even think about it.

So, in your opinion, do you think Carey Price is the best goalie in the NHL?


Registered Member
In an biased opinion, yes.

You give Price the Bruins, Hawks or LA Kings of the last three years and you have rings. Price is not playing in front of a defensive power house, completely evident by the fact in the last three seasons the Habs used ~15+ defensemen. He is, more often than not, keeping the Habs in games night in and night out.

Just look at Tuuka Rask this season as the Bruins are finally having problems defensively and offensively. .914 and 2.50 for a .926 and 2.16 career goaltender.


The return shall be legenday!
Cryps stole the words right out of my mouth. Look at amazing goaltenders in the NHL(Quick, Rask) than look at their roster, compare them to Carey Price and his defensive team, and you can tell how much better Price is. Hell, take Carey Price out of the lineup and they're fighting for a playoff spot rather than fighting for first in the NHL. The only goaltender who comes close to Price in terms of playing with less is Rinner, but his D core is up there with the best.