Is Blood Thicker Than Water?


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It's not uncommon to feel some sort of loyalty to people you are related to, regardless of how well you get on. For example you could hate your sister but know that you'd always back her up out of some built in sense of duty. What is this sense of duty? Why do we feel it? Is it just something to do with our nature, that we feel the desire to protect people with the same genes from a survival point of view.

For me, blood isn't thicker than water. Some of the closest relationships I have are with people who I actually have no biological tie to. The person who I consider to be my father has no blood relationship with me and yet our relationship is one of the strongest I have with anyone. Similarly growing up I had lots of cousons but there were 2 in partcular who I go on with really well. I eventually realised that we weren't actually related, it was just their parents were my god parents and so they just said that we were "like cousons" :lol: Years on though I still have a great relationship with those "cousons" whereas I have lots of real cousons who I never bother with.

I think relationships can be given a large amount of strength regardless of biology. It's all about the impact people have on your lives and the people that you choose as friends can also be like family if your close enough. Don't get me wrong I also have very good relationships with real family members but I don't think any relationship can be expected to thrive based on blood alone.

So what do you guys think? Is blood thicker than water for you?
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Only when it comes to my girls. They will always come first.
As far as the rest of my family, they're pretty much on their own if they ever need help.
Just because you're born into a family doesn't mean you owe them any loyalty.


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I'm not sure if it's blood. I think it's more "familial ties" (family relationship).

It won't apply to majority of my relatives, that's why I'm crossing out "blood". But it's true that once I have a close relationship with a family member, it counts a lot to me. Sometimes I'd even apply "family first" policy. BUT I also have friends who I consider more than friends, they're like my family. So they benefit of the same value. I do have the sense of duty to defend those who I feel are my family (but if they're not acting like family to me, they don't get this preferential treatment).


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nope dna ties mean nothing to me, the way i see it you earn support. if i dont like you i just dont care, just depends on how you where raised.


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I do not think blood is thicker than water. The only things I owe to my family is that fact they birthed, fed, and sheltered me. I am grateful, but I owe them nothing more. They have to earn my loyalty and respect. A few of my friends I would be more willing to take a bullet for than certain peoples in my family.