TV is ben feeling the mole ? ( big brother)

is ben feeling the mole ?

i learnt that the lovely mole is gay,
this will in no doubt effect what i have to say.
a relationship is blossoming and friends are growing,
ok john james may not allow this, but will the mole and ben be blowing.
did big ben strike the bi-hour,
or is he strictly hetro and only looking for friendship to flower.
a kiss good night may not be taken as a lover,
but i am predicting it will get deeper and action from under the cover.
i have to keep this short as imperative is a open mind,
and if ben dose feel the mole, big brother viewers are not blind.

ok so if you have read my first post about the world cup i hope you dont think i am one to write loads of threads a day, i normaly do one poem a day and thats more or less on the news when big brother is not on. love to hear diffrent persepective on views. please god there are somme big brother fans on here lol


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Ben aint interested i think:lol:and moley got a bit creepy if you ask me,, and also i think ben might be up for it if it was dave:lol:.. what do you think of the new lot? I think Andrew could well end up being quite popular, hes quite cute in a geeky way. Who do you reckon will win it,, JOsie ios fave at the moment ,, can you see anyone upstaging her:cool: