Is anyone here the Antichrist?


Son of Liberty
three pigs walk into a bar, one looks to the other and gives him a thumbsup. While the third just mopes around because the other two dont really wanna give him any attention. I think it all started back when they were piglets. The third pig was always the fat one of the bunch and so the skinnier pigs always made fun of him. That eventually created a severe case of depression for pig #3 who eventually took to Alcoholism and stooped to giving blowjobs for shots of straight malassas into his ass. Eventually the Farmer caught wind of these sketchy happenings and had all the other pigs slaughtered except for pig number three. After Pig Number three got his act together and started acting like a pig again, the farmer bought some more pigs back onto the farm not suspecting that months later our third pig would yet again.... be in the same position, with the slight ache in his ass for the thick burn of molassas running through his veins as he washes the taste of sweaty balls out of his mouth. However knowing all this..... I still dont know how the fuck the first pig was able to give a thumbs up to the second pig. I mean he doesnt have thumbs in the first place?!?!!?!?!


AKA Ass-Bandit
Wait wait wait wait.


Is that emote getting bum fucked by the lightning?