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Is anyone here actually getting an Iphone?


Film Elitist
I keep seeing ads for this incredible little piece of processor that can take your calls, play music, access the internet as well as youtube, and I believe also functions as a planner.

So far its $600 big ones for all that and 7GB of space and for an extra $100 you can get it with 8GB.

Though all the accessabilities are practical on a computer, I just don't see the point in putting it on your phone. To me its just giving people more distractions to keep you isolated when you're out being social, aside from being nearly pointless.


EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the Iphone thread.


Nope. At least not for a couple years.

Remember the first major version of the ipod? Compare that to the current version, or even some of the older versions that came like a year or so after the release... the first one became amazingly outdated really quickly.


Problematic Shitlord
I'd rather buy school books.

iPhone is a waste, it relies totally on the Apple name to sell . . . kind of like the PS3.


Undead Intellectual
It's unbelievable. A phone is a phone; for making calls. Not a fucking all in one, phone, camera, map, yellow pages etc. It's all nice and everyone will probably have phone that can do these things, but this is really first of its kind and is going to be expensive until it's more mainstream.

I saw a little bratty girl that had one the other day. She put it down in my kitchen and I just wanted to take it and chuck it into the pool because she was so dumb. What do ten-year-olds need with a phone anyways, especially one like that?