is anyone else sick of the world cup ?

is anyone else sick of the world cup ?

yes the Joe is a turn coat,
because all i need are my soaps, big brother and the news to float.
i can not stand watching this as its boring,
being so overloaded with it leaves my temperature soaring.
then there's the replays and the demented commentary,
i am going to enter " one flew over the coco's nest" and its voluntary.
some may knock the Joe and i want to hear your criticism,
because on every other issue, my drive is english patriotism.
who care's about a ball fall of air,
i want to start a revolution, yes i do dare.
put this rubbish on a sports channel,
and then i wont have to listen to this boring flannel.
the fog horns do represent what i am hearing,
pure utter rubbish and damage to my ears i am fearing.
6 weeks watching this game, watching our players get humiliated,
are there normal weekly football wages honestly calculated.
is there anyone else who wishes from our TV we could delete,
or am i sad and twisted with jealously that's not sweet.
i am representing all the lady's, the men who hate,
we are all sick of football,get rid of it, now close debate.

big hello to everyone on this message board. my name is joe and i love the news and big brother and i always exspress myself in what i call a poem. i love to see how others see things and to try and understand a diffrent point of view. i hope to make loads of friends and i hope this is a friendly community. i am sorry if my first post is a bit negotive but i really can not stand this game.ohhhh and lastly i am very uneducated and please forgive me if i get spelling wrong. so are there any football and english fans on here ready to bite my head off lol ?


A Darker Knight
but the world cup comes once every four years!
only then does news of soccer ever reach my ears
although the South korea and greece match did bore me to tears
I probably won't watch soccer for another four years!

maybe I'm just caught in the hype
because there's a match on now as I type
I do have to admit though, world-class soccer is nice
I like ham in my sandwich, so cut me a slice


I'm serious
Hi Joe. I would be the football fan coming to bite your head off!!!

1/2 j/k

Welcome to GF. It's always great to have new members come along. I do understand your frustration with the WC, tbh. Personally I have a deep seeded hate for the games of rugby and cricket, so I get the same as you when those are being played.

But let's not hate the fans, shall we??

Welcome once again!


I'm not sick simply because I haven't watched any bit of it.
But I'll get sick when I start to hear everyone talking about it.