Is anybody capable of anything?


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Take a few new born babies. One grows up to be Osama bin Laden while the other grows up to be Bill Gates or whomever.

Do you believe anybody can grow up to be the best or worst type of people based solely on the circumstances they were raised in?

What makes you who you are? If you were swapped at birth with somebody who would have ended up being a serial killer, do you believe you would have ended up as the serial killer? If you were swapped at birth with somebody who would have otherwise grown up to be very opposed to your political views do you think you would find yourself in another boat?

Or do you think certain individuals are more prone to different types of character development or would multiple people raised in the exact same environment (hypothetically, since technically this isn't possible) all grow up with identical personalities and characters?

Something to chew on at least.


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First you've got your basic genes, which more or less make up your fundamental Operating System --> Everyone has a slightly different version, and while each one may perform certain specific tasks better than the others, each is also varyingly susceptible to different bugs and viruses that can completely mess them up.

Then you got your end-users, which can comprise of parents, environment, the person themselves, etc. These end-users might decide to either use the OS efficiently and responsibly, or they might just lazily abuse the hell out of it, letting all the bugs and viruses in, and then wonder why it all runs so damned miserably slow as it gets older.

While I do like to think that I'd have ended up the same way as I am now, regardless of where I was born, it doesn't bother me to know that I might've ended up a terrorist were my name PretzelCorps Bin Osama. It's just a fact of life that parents, experience, and enviroment all play a crucial role in a developing OS. While it's horrifying to imagine yourself capable of such evil things, you have to also remember that in many cases, you'd do so without the knowledge you have now while running on an abused and damaged OS.


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Anyone is capable of murder for example. People can only be pushed so far and if something was to just snap inside them then I bet they could go out and kill someone.
I think if you grow up in an unstable environment and your parents abuse you or abused each other and you watched that then there's a chance it could mess you up. What I mean is I've read many stories about serial killers and none of the people I read about came from a stable home. They were abused or watched their mothers be abused by their fathers. If you witness violence on a regular basis then you could copy that through no fault of your own. It could also be because you carry around a lot of anger from your childhood and need to release it somehow.

I don't believe when you're born you are either good or evil. I think it happens as you get older. When you start learning and feeling various emotions.


I think someone's character is made up by genes and the environment where he grows up .

Nevertheless, genes is more important. I may be in a criminal society, but my genes don't allow me to become a criminal or ...i may become a criminal...but in a slightly way. if my friends have the typical characteristics (physical and inner) of a criminal, my genes don't allow me to have the typical criminal characteristics, but i may have some of the characteristics which don't make me fully criminal.
By this i mean, genes make you who you are, but the environment matters as well..but not as much as genes.
So it depends. Plus, your genes decide whether you'll depend on the environment and how it's going to affect you.
So yeah... 80% is genes, the rest is the environment.
[exceptions are not excluded, of course]


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I think this has already been answered perfectly. How we ended up is neither the complete result of our genes or our environment but a combination of both. However I believe environment is what plays the most fundamental of the roles.


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I don't think our genes play a huge psychological role, given the difference in personalities that identical twins can have, amongst other considerations. Though, by the time we're born, many of the occurrences that will come to shape us have already occurred, meaning that this question isn't purely one of how much genes determine psychology. Nevertheless, the perspective we gain through experience and context in which we understand things would seem to have an absolutely huge role in determining our e.g political ideology, and there are so many ways your brain could get damaged or could have gotten damaged, that it seems obvious to me that I could have ended up as damn near anything under different circumstances. Now I'm not so sure I want to call the resultant person "me", though.


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What makes you who you are is your want for who you want to be. The choices you make and the things you do in your life shapes what happens, all this destiny crap malarky is nonsence. If you want to put a turban on and go bomb stuff, then thats what your going to do isn't it. If you train and study technology you could make an award winning computer system.

If for example you were someone like the queen there born into all of that royal treatment and stuff, that doesn't mean you can't make it for yourself. You could get into polotics and join a cabinet, you could be a firefighter and be a hero save the presidants daughters or somthing like that.

Memories also play a massive part in who we are, the things that have happened in our past affect the things that happen in our future, if you are scared of heights then your not going to be an award winning olymic rock climber are you.


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No because it doesn't go that in depth, your just complicating matters now :lol::lol:. If you want to be a butcher you study your life you put your all init the thoughts in your head give you the drive to do it, if you want somthing enough it can happen you just have to make it happen.

I read your bit over again and I don't have a scoobey doo what your saying there lol.:confused::confused::confused:

Our drive comes from inside us, and there isn'ty a want to want to be because that can go on for ages your want to want to want to want to be you see what I mean.
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People are what their life experiences have made them. However, as Pretz so wisely pointed out - there are also genetic traits which make certain people better or more inclined to do one thing as opposed to another. For example, some people are born with "natural skill" at something (for example, sport). While others can learn to be skillful as well, some people just pick something up faster, or have naturally high agility, or reflexes, etc etc.

But environmental factor's have a very high importance in how our lives are shaped. If we had not experienced the experiences we have, I can safely say "you" would not be "you". You'd be similar, but not an exact copy.

It's the old Nature Vs. Nurture argument.