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Is America weird?


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Don't get me wrong but I love America and not putting America down in anyway. Are we making America look bad by putting weird and strange things on Ebay? I don't think so. Just a creative way to make money. I thought all these weird and strange auctions are listed world wide.

This was an email I just got a few minutes ago:
Hi I was curious if there's another reason then putting a smile on ebay-users faces to put hillarious ads on ebay ? It's funny but I was just wondering. I'm from Europe and all the ads are serious over here you see. Carry on !

The auction I have on ebay is for a monster in a can of cat food is what he is referring too.
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I don't know why others do the auctions but for me its all about entertainment. We figure we can go to the movies for $40 for 2 hours of entertainment. But when we do an auction it takes hours to put it together. And days for the emails and everything else. Its usually about $20 to list so for half the price I am getting 500% more entertainment LOL


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Whats so strange about a monster in a can of cat food ? don't ALL AMERICANS keep there monsters in cat food cans? HAHAHA! :lol: