Is a Mystery Diaper going too far?


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Mystery Diaper:

Hints. Could contain the following:


Huh? They are blank? Waaaiiiit....

Wonder how fast that would take to be pulled LOL!

The diaper on eBay is said to have valuable items in it. Worth apparently up to $9,000. Must not contain random "crap," if you know what I mean. :D


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Hahaha, #1 or #2, thats slang for unrine or the other thing! omg thats soooooooo I dont know! Maybe too far, maybe not! lol


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Silly you! lol

Thats a good one too! Wow
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what? no pink?
it was pulled but I was surprised it had as many bids as it did.

I mean its just a weird thing to wrap something valuable in and sell it...... :eek:hno: